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How to check the SAR value of your mobile

Generally, when purchasing a mobile phone, we look at the camera, RAM, storage, processor, etc., but have you ever bought a mobile phone with radiation in mind, because if the mobile phone emits more radiation than the specified standard, you may feel sick? Please be advised that many smartphones emit more radiation than the prescribed limits. In such situations, it is very important to check the following points while buying a mobile phone: SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) Be sure to check it out. let’s go What is SAR Value?How do you know the real value of your smartphone?

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What is SAR Value?

SAR (Specific Observation Rate Level) is a method of measuring radiation emitted by mobile devices. Every cell phone has a certain absorption rate, or the amount of radiation the phone can withstand without being harmful to the body. This means that the higher the SAR value of your mobile, the more harmful it is to your body. Any smartphone, tablet or other smart device according to the Department of Communications’ ‘Specific Observation Rate’ (SAR) 1.6 watts of radiation per kilogram It should not be exceeded. This rule also applies to a distance of 1.5 cm between the device and your body. If your device exceeds this radiation limit while talking on your phone or keeping it in your pocket, it is dangerous to both your health and your age. According to the Mobile Communications and Internet Association, radiation-related information must be provided on all mobile phones.

What is the SAR value of a mobile?

Each smartphone has different intrinsic value. This SAR value is determined by the government of every country and any mobile phone with SAR value higher than the fixed value will be banned in that country. We would like to inform you that the core values ​​determined by the Indian and US governments are the same. The maximum draw value of a mobile phone in India is 1.6W/kg. Here watts per kilogram means that 1 kilogram of tissue can absorb waves of up to 1.6 watts.

cell phoneabstract value
Apple iPhone 15SAR 1.12W/kg (head), 1.14W/kg (body)
Samsung Galaxy S241.23W/kg (head), 1.10W/kg (body)
One Plus 121.18W/kg (head), 0.68W/kg (body)


Here’s how to check your mobile radiation dose:

Our cell phones emit special types of waves (electromagnetic waves) that are considered harmful. Mobile radiation has the potential to cause many fatal diseases, including mental depression. Check the abstract value like this:

  • Use your mobile to check radiation on your Android and iOS devices. *#07# You have to make a call.
  • When you press this number, radiation-related information will appear on your mobile screen. Here the radiation levels are displayed in two ways: One is the ‘head’ and the other is the ‘body’.
  • What is the level of mobile radiation to your head (e.g. while talking on the phone), and what is the level of radiation to your body (e.g. while using the phone or keeping it in your pocket).

Can we protect ourselves from radiation?

According to technical experts, the device cannot be completely free from radiation, but it can certainly avoid it for a certain period of time. He says he never talks while his phone is charging. At this time, mobile radiation increases by up to 10 times. Do not call if the signal is weak or the battery is dead. Radiation levels also increase during this period. Use earphones or headphones if necessary. This reduces the effect of radiation on the body. You can also try the following method:

  • If you use a mobile phone, use a protective case with it. These cases are available on the market to reduce the direct effects of radiation.
  • The farther you keep your phone from your body, the better it is for your health. Avoid keeping your phone in a pocket close to your heart or in your pants pocket.
  • Avoid exposure to harmful rays by using a landline phone whenever possible instead of a cell phone.
  • Turn off your phone, especially at night, before going to bed.
  • If you want to avoid the direct effects of radiation, you can talk on speakerphone.
  • You can also install ferrite beads (devices that absorb radiation) in your phone to reduce radiation.
  • It is also a good idea to use a mobile phone radiation shield. Nowadays many companies are selling these devices in the market.
  • Radiation blocking applications are available. In fact, these are special types of software that can block WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS or antennas for a certain amount of time.

question answer

What is mobile radiation?

Cell phone radiation is classified as non-ionizing radiation. According to experts, there are two types of radiation from cell phones: One is microwave radiation and the other is heating radiation. Microwave radiation is the radiation emitted when your cell phone connects to a signal from a mobile tower. If your phone gets hot while you are answering or using a call, it will generate heat. In these situations, it is impossible to stop electromagnetic radiation. Because if you stop this, your phone will lose its signal. Microwave radiation is caused by electromagnetic waves with a frequency range of 1000 to 3000 MHz. Microwaves, AC, cordless computers, cordless phones, and other wireless devices also generate radiation, but mobile radiation may be the most dangerous due to constant use, proximity to the body, and increasing numbers.

What are the SAR value limits in different countries?

Different countries have different SAR limits set for exposure to radio frequency radiation:

  • The limit in the United States is 1.6 watts per kilogram.
  • The maximum value for essence in Canada is 1.6 W/kg.
  • In the European Union, the SAR limit for a device cannot exceed 2.0 W/kg measured in 10 g of tissue volume.


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