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Friday, May 24, 2024
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How to install Setapp Mobile, the new alternative to the App Store from MacPaw?

Since Tuesday May 14, 2024, the developers of MacPaw (Setapp, CleanMyMac X, CleanMyPhone) have offered Setapp Mobile. If initially Setapp Mobile was the iPhone part of the subscription to a catalog of apps called “Setapp” and available on Mac, since Apple allows the installation, on iOS, of third-party App Stores, Setapp Mobile has become a full-fledged app store for iPhone.

Let’s see together how to install it and what apps are offered.

The procedure was tested under iOS 17.4. If everything works without problems on iPhone, on iPad, for the moment, we have not been able to verify. Do not hesitate to tell us in comments if you have tried the Setapp Mobile experience on an Apple tablet.

Who can install Setapp Mobile?

Before you want to download Setapp Mobile on your iPhone, you should know that there are 3 prerequisites to validate. Here they are :

  • Their Apple ID account must be located in the EU
  • iPhone must be located in EU
  • iOS 17.4 or later version of iOS must be installed on iPhone

Setapp Mobile: how much does it cost?

We have good news and bad news regarding Setapp Mobile apps.

Let’s start with the good one: unlike the third-party app store AltStore, you don’t have to no annual fee to pay to install Setapp Mobile. Remember that AltStore can be installed for a payment of €1.80 per year.

On the other hand, and this is the point that will not please, Setapp Mobile is not free. To benefit from the applications offered by the alternative store, you must be a subscriber, either to the offer Setapp Mac + iOScosting approximately €13 per monthor on offer Setapp iOScosting €11 per month.

Discover Setapp

Please note, however, that MacPaw offers one month free trial (no subscription required) for Setapp Mobile, allowing applications to be installed like any paying subscriber.

How to install Setapp Mobile on iPhone?

Follow the steps one by one as shown below:

Installing Setapp Mobile Safari

© Setapp Mobile screenshot by

  • Create a Setapp account or log in if you already have one (by pressing “Sign in” below)
  • Once logged into your account, the following page is displayed
Installing Setapp MobileInstalling Setapp Mobile

© Setapp Mobile screenshot by

  • Tap “Install Setapp Mobile”
  • A window will then appear inviting you to change the settings regarding the installation of marketplace apps created by MacPaw Way Ltd. Don’t panic, it’s normal. Go to your iPhone settings
Setapp Mobile installation rulesSetapp Mobile installation rules

© Setapp Mobile screenshot by

  • At the very top, above the “Airplane Mode” setting, tap the “Authorize online marketplace created by MacPaw Way Ltd” heading.
  • Press “Allow” again
Setapp Mobile SettingsSetapp Mobile Settings

© iOS screenshot by

  • Return to Safari, and tap “Install Setapp Mobile” again.
  • Confirm the operation by tapping “Install online app marketplace” then clicking “Continue”
Installing Setapp Mobile iPhoneInstalling Setapp Mobile iPhone

© iOS screenshot by

Setapp Mobile is then installed on your iPhone, you can find the app on your home screen. Once completely downloaded, it’s up to you to test!

Setapp Mobile iOS home screenSetapp Mobile iOS home screen

© iOS screenshot by

What applications are available in Setapp Mobile?

Setapp Mobile includes several applications of all types (VPN, notes, task management, etc.) We count 16 at the time of publishing this article. Here they are :

  • CleanVPN
  • CleanMyPhone
  • Downie
  • Itemlist
  • SideNotes
  • Focused Work
  • Mindr
  • MonAi
  • Taskheat
  • Subjects
  • Optika
  • Basic Beauty
  • NeatNook
  • Phazr
  • FreeYourMusic
  • Jot
Applications Setapp MobileSetapp Mobile apps

© Setapp Mobile screenshot by

To install one of these apps, it’s very simple, just press the little orange arrow on the right. And to delete one of them, do as with any applications downloaded from the Apple App Store: long press on the app icon in the home screen > Delete app.

So, advice to those who have tested, what do you say about this new alternative to the App Store?

Mark Tyson
Mark Tyson
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