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Wednesday, May 22, 2024
HomeTechnology NewsI tried using a Motorola smartphone that transforms into a bracelet.

I tried using a Motorola smartphone that transforms into a bracelet.

Last year, Motorola surprised people by revealing its smartphone concept at the Barcelona exhibition. At MWC 2024, the manufacturer is back again with another innovative concept: a smartphone that can transform into a bracelet.

Don’t expect it to hit stores. Like other concepts, it above all allows manufacturers to show off their innovative talents. Inspired by foldable flip smartphones, this new concept outlines what we might find in stores in the next few years.

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What is the future of foldable smartphones?

When unfolded, the watch displays a 6.8-inch screen in a vertical format. It can take many forms to suit a variety of uses. The tent format allows it to display two 3.8-inch screens. What are you going to do? Motorola imagined a small board game in which two players compete against each other. For example, we could play the classic power of four.

Up-right format allows you to place your smartphone on a flat surface. Screen vertically. This reduces the diagonal to 4.6 inches. Finally (and this is the originality of the concept) You can wrap it around my arm. Attach your phone using a small magnetic bracelet that bends to fit the shape of your wrist. Then the screen size is 3.5 inches. For an optimized experience, The interface automatically adapts to the screen size.

Battery integration was the biggest challenge for engineers. So they incorporated little battery strips that were all connected together. To protect the phone while maintaining flexibility, Motorola covered the back with a fabric cover developed in collaboration with Pentone.

We had the opportunity to test the folding action of this innovative concept. Movements are performed with small jerks, like an accordion. It’s an impressive demonstration of technology.

Motorola is in good condition

Motorola Concept Bracelet Hands-on
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Like the rolling screen smartphone concept introduced last year, this product is not planned to be released on the market. Not now anyway. Motorola is using MWC to remind doubters that it is a brand where innovation remains at the core of its DNA.

After several years of difficulties, the American company (now owned by China’s Lenovo) is gaining strength again in the French market. In 2023, Motorola was among the top five brands selling the most smartphones in Europe. A great achievement for a brand that many thought was lost. Hello (again) it’s Moto!




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