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Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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I will not type again, the mobile automatically writes everything I want

One of the most interesting points for users who are not very adept at having to constantly type on their mobile phone, is being able to speak to the terminal and have it, for you, write down everything you say to it. This transcription has been perfected over time until today, it is very, very simple to communicate on your mobile phone without hardly typing.

And especially since the arrival of AI on a massive scale to mobile phones, these types of tools have improved a lot and we have the option to do so through an app as natively with mobile phones. And so that you always forget to type, here are the best tools to be able to transcribe everything on your mobile phone into text.

The perfect app for Android

Normally these transcription apps usually cause quite a few problems when carrying out these processes. For this reason, we have been searching the Play Store with the aim of achieving an app in conditions with which we can transcribe our audios to text without any problems involved. The result has been this one that we leave you below.

Transcribe Voice to Text

And of all the apps out there, some simpler and others more complex, this is the one that, combined with a clean, simple interface that is pleasant for the user. At the same time, it also has very interesting functions such as the possibility of transcribing the text. to different languages or upload audio from different sources.

bot transforms WhatsApp audios into text

iOS also has a solution

The app that we find on Android is not the only one we can count on when using an external tool to transcribe audio to text. And simply by browsing the Apple App Store a little, we find a good number of apps that also allow us to do this but not all of them do it with the quality we are looking for.

We have tried to find the app that is as similar as possible to the one we have previously shown on Android and this one achieves it. you can generate documents based on text that you have transcribed from the audio, in the same way that you can manage the speakers that appear in the different audios as well as be able to have all the information about the audios you have uploaded.

Transcribe Audio to Text

The fastest solution?

Beyond the apps that may exist to transcribe audio to text, one of the possibilities that we have to take into account is to do it in the native way proposed by the operating system of our mobile phone. We are not referring to anything other than voice dictationa tool present in the vast majority of smartphones on the current market.

And on both Android and iOS, there is the possibility of being able to speak directly to the device so that it can get the text. On Android for example, you can perform through Google Keep, as we indicate in the screenshots below. For its part, on iOS, it is a tool that is always available when you open a text box and appear in keyboard bottom left.

Keep in mind that despite being a much faster and more intuitive tool and with which you do not have to download absolutely anything, it is also something with which you are going to lose functionalities. Like for example that you will not be able to export the generated text in any way to a PDF or Word document. Therefore, perhaps, if the latter is what you were looking for, it is not a question that is worth it specifically to you.




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