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Thursday, May 23, 2024
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If your graphics card had twice the memory, how much would its performance improve?

When we think about a graphics card we always tend to take into account that they come with specifications that not everyone knows can be changed, such as the VRAM, since generally not all people know to change this part. But if we could do it, then we would have the question of whether by increasing the memory of our graphics card, its performance would also increase, which is why they have done the test to check the improvement.

The GPU They are a component of the computer that represents a large part of its total price, being one of the most expensive that we can find on the market compared to the rest of the parts of a computer. PC. For this reason, not everyone is willing to make modifications to a functional graph, but there are certain cases in which there are people curious enough to do this in search of knowledge.

RTX 2080 Ti

They manage to increase the memory of an RTX 2080 graphics card

When modifying a graphics card we must always keep in mind that it is not an easy task, it is no longer because if we do something wrong we can break it, but rather because of how much a graphics card costs, making not all of the world can try this practice. That is why the modders Paulo Gomes, Jefferson Silva, and Ygor Mota have set themselves the challenge of modifying a RTX 2080 to add more memory, and in this way, be able to check what improvements this graph can offer compared to a normal version.

To do this, they have used a series of additional memories that allow them to make the graphics card go from having 8GB to 16 GB, making the modified version have twice as much memory as the original model. For this they have replaced the chips GDDR6 that this GPU included with denser ones, that is, they stop using the 8 basic chips that the video card includes. 1 GB to incorporate some whose memory is 2GB per unit.

How it affects your performance

In terms of performance, the truth is that we cannot expect too much, since a greater capacity VRAM In general it does not imply that it will work better, but in some cases for rendering or tasks related to the AI This could have a positive effect. And after doing several tests, it has been seen that by increasing the memory offered by the graphics RTX 2080this only showed a maximum improvement of the 10%.

For these tests we used the RE:4a game that stands out for its graphic capacity and that if we have it at its maximum, requires some requirements of 14GB of VRAM, making the modified version have just what is necessary to meet this specification. As they show, the SPF normal range from oscillating between 45-72 to be among the 55-75where you can see that there is a little more stability because the graphics card does not run out of memory when processing the game’s graphics.

This implies that there is not too big a difference in the SPFbut in general performance the modified version turns out to be more stable for the simple fact that it is capable of providing the game with the amount of VRAM necessary so that you do not have drops in frames too big. This implies that in the end, if we want to have better performance, it will always be more profitable to buy a graphics card from a higher generation than to try to modify an old one, since it is not based only on the memory they have, but also on the technologies they incorporate. as well as all the other key specifications that make them work better.




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