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Thursday, May 23, 2024
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If your Mac’s slowness annoys you, this tip can change everything

A slow Mac is not inevitable: despite planned obsolescence, you can very well get back on track and give your machine a boost. One of the main reasons for this slowness is full space on your hard drive. So either you decide to delete thousands of unnecessary files by hand, or you trust an external tool like that of Intego.

Intego is a company founded in 1997 that is best known for its antivirus for Mac. It has since expanded its range to offer other software to optimize Apple computers such as the Washing Machine. The latter allows you to perform a hard drive scan and identify all unnecessary or obsolete files. For 19.99 euros per year (instead of 49.99) at the momentyou can get this great software with a 30-day trial.

Discover the Washing Machine

The Washing Machine differs from an antivirus because it does not run in the background, and it is therefore not intended to slow down your machine. It’s up to you to activate a scan of this software to then identify all the files that are of no use. Intego will be able to identify any files that have been downloaded multiple times, installation files (.dmg) that are no longer useful, translation files in exotic languages, multiple iCloud backups etc.

It’s hard to realize it, but these thousands of unnecessary files take up a gigantic amount of space, and it slows down your computer. Just do a first scan and a first cleaning with the Washing Machine to give your computer a real boost. You can even take advantage of the 30-day “satisfied or refunded” period to do a maximum cleaning – even if it means canceling afterwards. That said, it’s good to use it regularly to make sure your Mac stays well optimized.

Based on the performances announced by Intego, the Washing Machine would be capable Speed ​​up your Mac’s startup speed by up to 30%and it will allow you to have applications up to 3 times more responsive. You have to test it to believe it, but the effectiveness of such a tool is proven. For this price, it’s a very good purchase that will allow you to extend the life of your Mac by a few years. These 20 euros will be perfectly invested.

Intego, an all-inclusive formula

40 million customers trust Intego antivirus which is certainly one of the best antiviruses if you have a Mac. The company specializes in macOS: it does not offer software for Windows, and this is also one of its strengths. Over the course of his 27 years of service, he has evolved his offering to offer ever more solutions to his clients.

Today, you can find them all in a pack sold at advantageous prices for a few days. This Premium Mac Pack includes antivirus, Washing Machine, a practical parental control tool and a tool for making backups in the cloud. It is priced at 29.99 euros per year (instead of 84.99 euros), which is almost the same price as the Washing Machine alone. It’s worth it and you also have 30 days “satisfied or refunded”.

While computer attacks have continued to increase since the war in Ukraine (Russia being particularly known for its hackers), Intego’s tools are becoming even more popular among Mac users. If you are looking for software that is perfectly suited to Apple’s OS, this is a very good choice.

Discover the Washing Machine

Discover the Premium Mac Pack

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