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Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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In the event of an iPad breakage, the clumsy are not all in the same boat

Replacing a cracked iPad Pro M4 screen is just a matter of twenty-nine euros in Apple Store, with AppleCare+ insurance. But if the owner of the device has not subscribed to this service provided by the manufacturer, the price is several hundred euros.

The franchise is the same for all iPad Pro models released this week, in other words regardless of the screen size. The new iPad Air presented at the same time, with M2 chip, are also subject to this pricing.

How much does AppleCare+ cost today?

The price of AppleCare+ actually depends on the model of your tablet. Thus, we know that iPad Airs can be covered against screen breakage and other damage for the sum of 4.49 euros per month or 89 euros for two years of protection. However, it costs 6.99 euros per month or 139 euros for two years of protection, with a small iPad Pro. The price is a little higher for the large model.

AppleCare+ also offers support packages in the event your tablet is lost or stolen.

The new iPads are available

After the presentation keynote last week, the new iPads are now available. Among their main new features, we find a camera installed lengthwise with the iPad Air, as well as a more powerful chip (the M2). THE iPad Pro, for their part, are directly entitled to the M4, even before the chip in question is offered on Mac. This is unusual for Apple.

The iPad Pros also feature an OLED screen, which is also known to be more expensive among subcontractors than the LCD technology of previous models in this range and the current iPad Air.

Apple also unveiled a new stylus during its conference, compatible with the M4 iPad Pros. This is theApple Pencil Pro.

  • AppleCare+ insurance for new iPads allows you to change your screen for only 29 euros, after subscribing to a paid plan
  • It takes a few euros per month for an AppleCare+ subscription for iPad Air or iPad Pro
  • Without an AppleCare+ subscription, the price of screen repair costs several hundred euros
Mark Tyson
Mark Tyson
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