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Monday, June 10, 2024 co-founder resigned immediately co-founder resigned immediately

Accordingly, in the latest announcement from the CEO Ahmad Shadid of, he announced on the platform that he would step down as CEO of, effective immediately.

Evgeny Gaevoy claims has become one of the fastest growing decentralized AI companies in the world. After consideration, he decided to hand over the CEO position to Tory Green for the benefit of the community and the project.

Gaevoy stepped down to allow to grow without interruption, focusing on the growth and success of the company. He also announced a $1 million IO donation to’s GPU Internet Foundation to support ecosystem development. CEO Ahmad Shadid suddenly announced his CEO Ahmad Shadid suddenly announced his resignation CEO Ahmad Shadid suddenly announced his resignation

Not long after this statement,’s official website immediately removed Ahmad Shadid’s name and replaced it with Tory Green according to the announcement.

Ahmad Shadid, in connection with unclear allegations in the past, has resigned as CEO of This decision is intended to separate personal controversies from the development of, especially when the project is in the IO token airdrop phase and preparing to open for sale on Binance on June 11.

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