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Thursday, May 23, 2024
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iPad Air, iPad Pro, and Apple Pencil Pro: the latest new products are on sale

As of today, the new iPad Air, iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil Pro are available on the Apple brand’s online store. The Cupertino company presented these models a few days ago, during a “Let Loose” conference. In total, two new tablets are arriving on the market, accompanied by new accessories.

This includes an iPad Air M2 as well as an iPad Pro M4. The latter thus introduces a new generation of chip within the Apple range. The apple brand, for its part, has worked in recent months to “slim down” its products. The iPad Pro thus becomes thinner than the iPad Air, while being more powerful than a MacBook Pro.

Two new iPads

As for the iPad Air M2, the device has gained performance with a new chip. It is now more powerful than some iPad Pros and makes it a very interesting solution for students or professionals. The tablet is sold by Apple at the price of 719€ in its 11-inch and 128GB version.

For the iPad Pro M4, the orders of magnitude are different. The tablet is sold in its 11-inch and 256GB version at the price of 1219€. For the largest model, 15 inches, you have to pay no less than 1569€.

iPad Pro 13″ M4 256 GB (2024) at the best price Base price: €1,569

In addition to these two tablets, which have made headlines in recent days, Apple has notably worked on a new version of the Apple Pencil, the Apple brand’s stylus. It is put on sale by Apple on its site at the price of 149€ (the same price as for the second generation).

Apple Pencil Pro at the best price Base price: €149

See more offers

Sales are open

These new features are available starting today on Apple’s online site. It is possible to order iPads or an Apple Pencil Pro, but delivery times vary depending on demand and Apple’s production capabilities. Some models are already several days behind normal.

iPad Pro 11″ M4 5G 256 GB (2024) at the best price Base price: €1,469

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