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Thursday, May 23, 2024
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iPad Air: new leaks concerning the technical sheet of the next version

Our colleagues from MacRumors have just relayed a new rumor, according to which the next iPad Air would be powered by the chip M3. Which could, at first glance, seem logical given the habits of the Apple firm. In fact, each year it offers the next generation of chips on its tablets. Except perhaps in the case of the new iPad Pros, presented at the same time as the latest iPad Air just last week, with an OLED screen on the front and the M4 motherboard under the hood.

The problem is that these new rumors clash with recent information, estimating that Apple is on the verge of abandoning the N3B engraving process which makes it possible to design the M3. This therefore leads us to believe that future iPad Airs could instead be equipped with M4, when the iPad Pros will, for their part, be equipped with a possible M5. Of course, all of these hypotheses must be considered with caution, given that the manufacturer has not officially looked into the matter – for the moment. The Worldwide Developer Conference is scheduled for next month, but it is highly unlikely that details regarding these upcoming tablets will be revealed for the occasion.

What would be the advantage of the M3 over iPad Air?

The transition from M2 to M3, if proven, should allow the iPad Air to be equipped with a more powerful chip. Only, here it is: on Mac, this transition has already taken place in the past. However, the associated performance gains were not as significant as when computers went from M1 to M2, for example. In short, by being equipped with the M3, the upcoming iPad Air would only present itself as a potential minor update. But this would also make sense, given that the model presented last week is already much better than its predecessor.

M3 support could also make it possible to support more external monitors, like when the MacBook Air was entitled to this chip. But this is only theoretical, especially when we know that it is in reality a software blockage which prevents you from connecting two screens to old versions of these laptops.

Moreover, know that on paper, the M3 is relatively similar to the M2. Which largely explains the small differences in raw power.

New features are still awaited on iPad

For the moment, the technical sheet of the future iPad Air therefore remains pure speculation. The first serious leaks could arrive in the coming quarters, but the majority of attention is still focused on the tablets that have just been released today.

Several patents filed by Apple, however, suggest that the company is considering serious new developments for its range of tablets. We know, for example, that the company is working on flexible screens, which could be folded up to be able to more easily transport a device with a large display. Rumors have also already mentioned the possibility of enjoying an iPad with wireless charging soon, but again we still haven’t seen the color of it. Finally, we can also cite the case of a water-resistant iPad, again seen in patents. A technology that should not arrive for several years, it seems.

  • The iPad Air could soon be entitled to the M3 chip
  • More likely rumors are betting on an upcoming iPad Air with M4 chip
  • New iPad Airs have just been released, so rumors about the next models are still far from unanimous
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