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iPad Pro: an ugly little defect on the OLED screen will be corrected

It was one of the great moments of the last keynote which was held on May 7. Apple presented its new iPad Pro equipped with an M4 chip and an OLED screen. The latter has something to seduce by offering even better contrasts than mini-LEDs and reduced energy consumption.

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A bug soon to be fixed

However, a slight flaw was spotted by our colleagues from the specialized site iMore during a test. You have to be careful, but HDR content in certain blue tones is likely to result in some bright white spots that appear almost white. These are compression artifacts.

iPad Pro HDR 3 680x383 patch

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As detailed 01Net, this concern is not present on other OLED screens such as those of the iPhone 15 Pro, the Steam Deck OLED, or the 11-inch iPad Pro (LCD). We can therefore clearly consider the thesis of an isolated incident, especially since the latter appeared while viewing a scene from the series Stranger Things from Netflix. It is therefore possible that the image processing engine makes a mistake in displaying the light points in this area.

Anyway, and this is the good news, Apple has taken this bug into account and announced that a software fix will soon resolve it.

The M4 chip impresses

As a reminder, the M4 chip present in these new devices displays impressive figures. According to the Geekbench app, it reached a record performance of 3,810 points in multi-core compared to only 3,087 points for a MacBook Pro equipped with an M3 processor, which is also very technologically advanced. To find out more, we invite you to reread our article which goes into more detail on this subject.

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