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Thursday, May 23, 2024 competition: win one of 10 lifetime licenses for the Tot app... competition: win one of 10 lifetime licenses for the Tot app (€23 per license)

In neuroscience, working memory refers to the form of short-term memory that is used to store and manipulate information as part of a task process. If you are given a building entry code by SMS or voice for example, to go up to see a friend, you put this code in your working memory, while you tap me on the box unlocking. Then, most of the time, this code comes out of your head.

Well do you know the application? Early, available on iOS and macOS? This can be considered as working memory for your iPhone and/or Mac. It’s actually a note-taking app, seemingly simple, light, practical, and, like short-term memory, limited! She only offers 7 note sheets different. But, we will see it below, this is also why it is appreciable.

As Tot users for some time, we wanted to do more than tell you about it. This is why, in collaboration with the developers from iconfactory, we offer you 10 lifetime licenses for the app. More specifically, we have 10 codes for Tot on iOS for you to win.

Each license normally costs €22.99 (the complete lot at stake here therefore has a total value of €229.9). It allows you to synchronize your Tot notes between your iPhone, your Apple Watch and your Mac. Knowing that the code unlocks the iOS and watchOS version of the app, the macOS version being free.

Find below the procedure to follow if you want to try your luck. And further down, find out more about the app that you can benefit from if you are drawn.

And thank you to the Tot developers for their collaboration.

How to participate in our new competition?

To enter to win one of 10 lifetime licenses for the Tot app, follow these steps in order:

  • To note our application on the App Store with a rating (in stars, out of 5) and one written comment
  • Add a comment under this article specifying that you have rated the application, without forgetting to add the pseudonym with which you signed the App Store note

Please note: in your comment left under this article, please specify clearly and exactly the pseudonym used on the App Store to rate our app. And don’t forget to tell us if you rated the application from a country other than France, the App Store is not the same depending on the country.

If you only perform one of these two actions, your participation will not be considered valid. A comment under this article is not enough. Likewise, an App Store rating alone doesn’t get you a ticket into the drawing. Unchanged: Please note that if you only perform one of these two actions, your participation will not be considered valid. A comment under this article is not enough. Likewise, an App Store rating alone doesn’t get you a ticket into the drawing.

  • You have 10 days from now to try your luck! End of the game: Saturday, May 7 at 6:00 p.m.

Let us remember that there is 10 codes to win for the Tot app. These are codes with a unit value of €22.99, unlocking all the functions of the iOS application, for life. The Tot application for Mac is free.

Tot: increase your working memory!

Tot doesn’t look much at first glance. But actually, it’s a brilliant app for several reasons:

  • Design: Tot is a superb application, visually, but also ergonomically. It may be considered simplistic by some, with its lack of settings, options and buttons. But precisely, the developers from iconfactory have chosen simplicity to be able to emphasize a successful minimalist design
App tot iPhone presentation

© iOS screenshot by

  • Minimalist: Tot shows several limitations. You cannot increase the number of notes. It’s 7 notebooks and that’s it. You also cannot load multimedia content, images, sound, for example, into the notes. Tot only supports text. Finally, don’t count on too many settings, the app offers as many as you have fingers on one hand. And most of them are related to the appearance of the app (light/dark mode, bar/dock menu access mode/keyboard shortcut, icon design). But it is exactly this anti-gas factory characteristic that makes Tot an effective application and above all capable of improving your efficiency on macOS and iOS
App tot iPhone settingsApp tot iPhone settings

© iOS screenshot by

App Tot Mac settingsApp Tot Mac settings

© macOS screenshot by

  • Features: but who says minimalist does not mean free of practical features. Tot has a good range of useful options, such as the possibility of adding symbols very simply to your notes, easy sharing to other apps, the switch to the “code markdown” view, iCloud synchronization to find and edit your notes on iPhone, among other things
App Tot on macOSApp Tot on macOS

© macOS screenshot by

These strengths make Tot an excellent work companion on Mac and iPhone, much more useful than Apple’s native Cheat Sheet app on macOS for example, which does not even have its iPhone equivalent. In addition, fans of keyboard shortcuts will appreciate the fact that Tot is largely equipped with them, which is a real treat for everyday personal and professional use.

And we remind you, you can choose to display Tot in different ways on macOS, via the Menu Bar, the App Dock, a predefined keyboard shortcut with even the possibility of leaving the app visible over all other windowsas you would do with a paper post-it stuck to your screen.

App Tot Mac Menu BarApp Tot Mac Menu Bar

© macOS screenshot by

So of course, Tot will not replace Apple Notes, that is not its goal. The app will shine as support for your short-term memory/working memory. Store temporary information there, to dance between iPhone and Mac. Or use it to start your draft emails, your project ideas, your tasks for the day, etc.

App all iPhone optionsApp all iPhone options

© iOS screenshot by

In this “limited lifespan note” format, Tot is one of the best applications I have tested on macOS.

This is just a short presentation of the app. We have chosen to highlight some of its characteristics which we particularly like and which we believe deserve to be mentioned. Finally, remember that, as with every competition, we do not allow you to win licenses only for what we consider to be the crème de la crème of iOS/macOS applications.

Let’s finish with a final reminder: Tot is free on macOS, the app for iOS costs €22.99. So don’t hesitate to test Tot on your computer. You will surely be seduced, with the desire to recover Tot on iOS. In this case, you have the choice: either download the app by checking out, or participate in our competition to try to win one of the 10 download codes up for grabs !

Good luck to everyone!

Mark Tyson
Mark Tyson
Freelance News Writer. Always interested in the way in which technology can change people's lives, and that is why I also advise individuals and companies when it comes to adopting all the advances in Apple devices and services.


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