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Thursday, May 23, 2024
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iPhone games: action you want, here are among these 5 superb new features

Every week, we can even say, every day, the App Store is renewed with an avalanche of new applications and new games. Although certain titles are highlighted in the App Store app on iPhone in particular, many gems remain in the shadows. This is why we strive every week to unearth you the cream of new iOS gameshighlighting often overlooked treasures.

Find below our new weekly selection of the best iPhone game releases.

In the lot, there are certainly some beautiful pearls to sink your teeth into, like those present in the previous list, such as Slice & Dice to download here, Formula Bwoah: Online Racing available here or Goetz available here on the App Store..

We present to you what seems to us to be the most qualitative. In any case, some of the games are free and can be tested easily. So, don’t wait to form your own opinion! Don’t hesitate to come back and read us regularly so you don’t miss any gaming news on iOS, among other things.

our selection

Atomic Escape

  • Description : a very nice point-and-click adventure game with many puzzles to solve within the framework of a well-crafted storyline. There is talk of secret space travel, conspiracy and other mysterious matters. We appreciate the soundtrack and the graphic design, typical but successful
  • WE love : the very low price (less than €3)
  • Download link : available here

WW2 Battlefields Sim Lite

  • Description : Fans of the World War II period will be served here with a title emphasizing combat strategy. Relive epic battles between the historical powers of the time, USA, USSR, Germany, based on tanks, soldiers, planes and warships from the years 39-45
  • WE love : its free
  • Download link : available here

Rumble Club

  • Description : multiplayer action shooting and arena games with a cute and good-natured atmosphere. Use a varied arsenal (magnets, magic donut, etc.) to eliminate your opponents one by one and achieve victory. Just released and already rated 5 stars
  • WE love : All !
  • Download link : available here on the App Store


  • Description : 2D side-scrolling shooter and platformer. Jump, shoot, surf, fly, all without getting hit in dozens of levels
  • WE love : the simplicity and effectiveness of the gameplay
  • Download link : available here on the App Store

AeroMayhem PvP: Air Combat Ace

  • Description : you who loved Top Gun, this title is for you! This title takes you for a unique multiplayer experience, aboard modern combat aircraft and for breathtaking aerial battles. You can improve your roll as you win and become the Red Baron of the 21st century
  • WE love : the superb graphics
  • Download link : available here on the App Store

You have tested new features, whether you liked them or not, don’t hesitate to share your feedback with the community in the comments!

Mark Tyson
Mark Tyson
Freelance News Writer. Always interested in the way in which technology can change people's lives, and that is why I also advise individuals and companies when it comes to adopting all the advances in Apple devices and services.


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