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Friday, May 24, 2024
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iPhone: released in 94, this legendary console joins the App Store

Apple authorized retro console emulators on iPhone in April 2024. This delighted many users, who were able to reconnect with their memories of yesteryear! Even if some emulators had a complicated start, their introduction seems to have gone well overall. For example, Delta, which is the most popular application of its kind, caused a stir when it was launched.

We could have expected more firmness from Apple, but ultimately, the Apple company leaves a lot of freedom in the use of emulators, in particular with regard to the way in which users obtain them. games. Of course, there are still some gray areas, notably Apple’s refusal to support JIT.

JIT is a kind of processor code translator. Thanks to it, emulators of newer consoles, like PPSPP for the PSP, can work properly on Android. Apple refuses to support it in iOS however, presumably for security reasons. Perhaps an alternative to JIT will be offered in the future, but for the moment, consoles that require it will not be able to be mimicked on iPhone. This concerns in particular the Wii, the GameCube, and the PSP. We imagine that this is why Apple made it clear that it only authorized “retro” console emulators.

If the PSP is not currently supported by the iPhone, this is not the case for the PS1. Initially, we expected to see it arrive in the application Origin, Who had announced its intention to join the App Store, but someone was faster!

Gamma offers the PlayStation 1

The Gamma application now allows you to emulate the PlayStation 1 on iPhone. As a reminder, this is Sony’s first console, which was marketed in 1994, and marked the start of a new era. Gamma invites you to play it again today on iPhone or iPadwith the possibility of connecting a controller via Bluetooth!

Concerning this last point, it is necessary to pay attention to key mapping. This is often an annoying point when you want to use a recent controller with games that are 30 years old. You can otherwise use the touch controller provided by the applications, but it is less pleasant, especially for the top keys (R1 R2 L1 L2).

X / @yswgt879

Gamma offers a minimalist theme and you can use it in portrait or landscape mode, your choice. Furthermore, it is possible to save your in-game progress on Google Drive or Dropbox. To play elsewhere, you will need to obtain game ROMS files on your own.

It also seems good to specify that Gamma was created by a console emulation pioneer. His name is Benjamin Sark, but he is better known under the pseudonym ZodTTD. It’s been around for years in the emulator scene, so much so that Delta creator Riley Testus copied Benjamin Stark in his early days. When Delta’s Riley Testus created his first emulator, he copied almost everything from ZodTTD’s.

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