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Thursday, May 23, 2024
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Is it a good idea to buy Huawei phones? This is what the reviews in Spain say

Huawei phones are an interesting alternative for many people because they offer very good features at a more affordable price. They have several models that at first glance seem quite interesting, but if you have never tried any or know little about the brand, you may find that You are hesitating whether to buy one or not.

Therefore, we have analyzed what your buyers in Spain think to see what its strengths are or the reasons why not to buy it. We already told you that something you should know is that for several years they no longer have Google apps, so forget about using Google Maps, Gmail and similar services if you buy one. However, they have their own alternative applications that are not bad at all.

What do Huawei buyers think?

The brand promotes its Huawei P60 Pro by highlighting its extraordinary vision, but do its buyers think the same? The general rating is good, without being outstanding. One of its buyers in Spain says that its images are clear, it has a good camera and He hasn’t had any problems with the apps. If we look at previous models like the Huawei P50, we see buyers who like the mobile phone and have been able to install its apps without problems.

huawei p60 pro

Which What worries many people is that it does not have the Play Store, something that is expressed a lot in complaints. It is possible that there are many who end up buying a branded mobile phone without knowing that they cannot use Google apps, which bothers them a lot. The HUAWEI Nova 10 SE is a more affordable model that you can buy for just over 250 euros. It is considered by its buyers as a good mobile that I like a lot, but again the topic of Google apps comes up. In another cheap model we find opinions of the style:

You have to format your phone if you want to have it like any other Android and introduce some programs to be able to access the Play Store and other system apps, otherwise very good. Good battery, good photo quality and no problems.

It is difficult to find reviews in Spain because most of the comments are from other countries. Although there are Huawei fans in our country, the absence of Google apps on which we increasingly depend It puts Spanish users back a lot. Many complain about technical service, which does not solve their problems or is non-existent.

huawei p60 pro white cameras

Who If you dare to look further, you will realize that they are beautiful mobile phones., with very good features, have a great price and their own applications that you will easily get used to. Huawei invests a lot in technology and improving its smartphones more every year. They are, in short, good phones that only have this drawback and the absence of 5G that many users do not need. It’s more. If we think about other brands like Apple, Nobody complains that iPhones don’t have the Play Store.

If you don’t mind not being able to use Google apps because you will find similar ones on your mobile, it is a very good purchase. You will have the features of other mobile phones, and even more, at great prices.




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