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Monday, June 10, 2024
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Is Roaring Kitty buying AMC stock?

Roaring Kitty posted again on X, pushing GME price up 5% in pre-market trading. However, some “detectives” said he was implying that he owned shares of AMC.

After tweeting a week ago, returning to Reddit on Thursday and having a livestream on Friday, the GameStop bull is back posting another tweet on Twitter.

Keith Gill, known as Roaring Kitty or DeepFuckingValue, was at the center of the GameStop short squeeze in 2021.

However, due to his habit of posting movie references on X, people began to believe that he also owned AMC, another popular meme stock in 2021.

The latest post is a screenshot from the opening scene of the Batman movie “The Dark Knight,” showing Heath Ledger’s Joker holding a kitten mask right before robbing a bank. Some Twitter detectives are particularly interested in the mask, believing that there are hidden numbers and messages in this post.

Many people saw the number 5 on the mask which they believe is because AMC’s stock price is currently hovering around $5. Others saw the word AMC written on the mask. However, the original photo has been found, disproving the theory that RoaringKitty added any hidden messages to the mask.

However, that doesn’t stop people from believing that Roaring Kitty owns AMC. This belief is further reinforced by a clip from Roaring Kitty’s livestream where he talks about the movies.

AMC opened at $5.30 on Friday, down 7.4% to around $4.91 and virtually unchanged in pre-market trading. While GameStop opened at $37.69, after a disappointing Q1 report and Roaring Kitty airing, shares fell 25% to $28.22. However, in pre-market trading, GME rose 5% to $29.59.

This comes after Keith Gill returned to social media last week. After posting about the Uno card on Twitter, he posted on the Reddit community Superstonk showing GameStop positions totaling $586 million.

He then scheduled a live stream on Friday with the theory that he could become a GameStop billionaire. Unfortunately for Gill, the company’s Q1 report was released early and sent GME down 30%. Despite this, KOL shares memes still attract more than 700,000 viewers.

You can see coin prices here.

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