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Friday, April 12, 2024
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Is Ubisoft cheating on Star Wars Outlaws?

Ubisoft We are going through a particularly sensitive moment. After two years of struggling with sales of some of its games, rumors of possible purchases are constantly coming in, and some franchises have little energy to continue investing in such a volatile scenario, which is problematic. And this includes: Star Wars Outlaw.

This game we learned in Past, not E3 It is one of their biggest bets, backed by an all-powerful franchise created by the French, thanks to some truly discreet events that have failed to define France’s greatness. george lucas. star wars outlaw This is a huge open world adventure that many of us have had too many hopes for. And it’s coming to PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC (what performance do you need?).

Conflicting News About Star Wars Outlaws

In fact, in recent months we’ve heard all sorts of speculation surrounding this title. The most common one had to do with possible release dates, which seemed very close to the first half of 2024, but ended up being rushed further out. Until the end of this year. So what we have just learned has been distorted for many people.Ubisoft Is he playing catch-up?

Certainly not. because Ubisoft They announced layoffs again a few days ago, but that could be an example of the potential chaos they’re living in. And as we have already told you, so much of it is gone. star wars outlaw Many of us thought we wouldn’t be able to enjoy it for months to actually be here.

And all this commotion over the last few hours star wars outlaw It has been certified by the Brazilian Video Game Regulatory Agency. This means that the authorities in that country have received all the information about the game that needs to be in the final stages of development to complete this administrative process. I can’t rate a beta version because it’s missing important parts of the game itself.

This is not the first rating of the game.

But of course, taken individually, this action by the Brazilian qualifying body probably doesn’t mean much. star wars outlaw We’ve also done the same in Korea and Australia and have already qualified for the next launch. Games in Asian countries Ubisoft Classified as 19 years or older, in the southern continent cracked M is for adults only.

But in Brazil, which has its own age scale and warnings. star wars outlaw The red line recommended for use with the letter T, classified as youth use, has been lowered significantly. Even so, it’s clear that this passage through regulators means we can expect a launch closer than many had imagined. Probably around May or June? Hopefully.

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