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Thursday, May 23, 2024
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IT trends that will change gastronomic experiences this year

This year is shaping up to be revolutionary for the industry, with technology emerging as a fundamental pillar for the advancement of the restaurant sector. Technological innovations are redefining the dining experience for both diners and establishment owners, according to the firm.

Soon, technology in restaurants will transcend mere automation, becoming an immersive and efficient experience. Innovations such as voice-activated kitchen assistants, 3D food printing, and biometric payment systems are designed to improve efficiency and customer experience, “But its effective deployment will also be essential for the sector to monetize its advantages,” explains Daniel Taboada, CEO of Argentina.

For restaurant owners, embrace cutting-edge technology It’s not just a matter of modernization, but an essential strategy to remain competitive, highlighting advances in areas such as:

  • Technology at the point of sale: POS systems are evolving, integrating biometric payments and facial recognition to streamline bill payments. This technology not only speeds up the payment process but adds an additional layer of security to financial transactions carried out on-site.
  • Order management systems: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing order management systems to enable better prediction of order patterns and more efficient inventory management. This reduces waste and improves profitability while keeping restaurants well-supplied.
  • Employee and shift planning: AI is also transforming employee and shift planning, with different tools that optimize staff scheduling. This not only improves operational efficiency but helps forecast labor and food costs.
  • Email marketing campaigns: Email marketing has become more sophisticated with automation, allowing restaurants to personalize communications and improve the customer experience. This is crucial at a time when digital interaction with customers is more important than ever to not only attract them for the first time but also build loyalty so that they return repeatedly.

As for the technological innovations aimed at improving the customer experience, which they provide with greater comfort, personalization, and efficiency in every aspect of your interaction with the restaurant, especially highlighting:

  1. Mobile applications and loyalty programs: They have become determinants for the success of the customer-restaurant interaction. They offer a platform for personalized loyalty programs, allowing repeat customers to be rewarded with exclusive offers and discounts. They also make it easy to reserve tables, order and pay, which improves the overall experience.
  2. Online reservation systems: They are essential not only from a business point of view, but also for the customer experience. They allow diners to book easily, at any time and from anywhere, reducing waits and improving restaurant planning. They often include options for seating preferences and special requests, such as a high chair for babies, ensuring a 100% personalized experience.
  3. Fast and agile payment methods: Contactless payments and cryptocurrencies are gaining ground in the hospitality industry. These payment methods offer a fast and secure transaction, which is essential in the digital age. The adoption of these technologies reflects restaurants’ commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.
  4. Augmented reality in menus: It’s transforming the way customers interact with menus. Through mobile applications, customers can see three-dimensional images of dishes, obtain detailed information and visualize their preparation, which enriches the choice experience and anticipates the quality of the dish.
  5. Virtual reality and virtual tours: This technology offers an immersive preview of the environment and services, improving the customer experience before they even set foot in the establishment and predisposing them to live a positive dining experience.




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