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Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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LiFi, a new wireless connectivity feature introduced at MWC24

For years we at WWWhatsnew have been claiming that LiFi is the future of wireless connectivity. We explain to you in detail In this videoAnd every year there’s a new development that shows we’re closer to having it in our own homes.

Now, at MWC24, there’s news about this technology, which aims to overcome the limitations of existing wireless networks by improving connectivity through the visible light spectrum.

pureLiFi, pioneer LiFi, is ready to demonstrate the potential of this technology to provide high-speed and reliable wireless communications. Our participation at CES 2024 and the inclusion of LiFi in our technology trends highlights the importance and disruptive potential of this technology. pureLiFi’s proposal for MWC demonstrates how LiFi can extend connectivity everywhere, promising a new era of bandwidth, speed and reliable communications.

LINXC Bridge

link bridge

Highlights of his presentation LINXC Bridge, is the result of collaboration between pureLiFi and Solace Power. The device combines LiFi and wireless power technologies to improve indoor connectivity, especially over 5G mmWave signals. What’s interesting about LINXC Bridge is that it’s easy to install. This can fundamentally change the way connectivity issues within buildings are addressed, reducing costs and logistical complexity.

Improved user experience

Reify CubeReify Cube

Pure LiFi We also look forward to demonstrating network access solutions that promise zero-latency gaming, video conferencing, and congestion-free media streaming. We highlight two products in particular. skylightAccess points larger than 50 m² provide high-speed, low-latency wireless connectivity. LiFi CubeDesigned for more intimate home and professional use, ensuring speed and privacy.

Compliance with global standards for pureLiFi products IEEE 802.11bb This is encouraging news. This means that both LiFi Cube and SkyLite are designed according to international regulations, ensuring interoperability and driving market adoption.

In my opinion, pureLiFi seeks to not only provide an alternative to existing wireless technologies, but also complement them. Using light to transmit data presents a unique solution to the congestion and security problems faced by technologies such as WiFi and 5G. PureLiFi’s invitation to discover LiFi systems at MWC 2024 could mark a turning point in how we think about wireless connectivity.

I will be watching the pureLiFi demonstration at MWC to better understand how this technology can enrich our lives. We will tell you about this on the WWWhatsnew network.


Mark Tyson
Mark Tyson
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