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Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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MG S9: A Tesla Model Y Competitor with Battery Swap Potential

The MG S9, a new electric SUV unveiled by MG at the 2023 Geneva Motor Show, has grabbed attention as a potential competitor to the popular Tesla Model Y. While not officially confirmed for the European market yet, here’s a detailed breakdown of what we know so far:


  • Fastback SUV style: Similar to the Tesla Model Y and Peugeot E-3008, offering a sleek look and promising aerodynamics (Cd of 0.238).
  • Dimensions: Larger than Tesla Model Y and Peugeot, measuring 4.90 meters long and 1.92 meters wide.
  • Headlights and taillights: Connected by strips, reminiscent of the Marvel R.
  • Interior: Features a large, curved dashboard inspired by the Mercedes-Benz Hyperscreen, housing three displays (10.25″, 12.3″, and 10.05″) powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 chip.
  • Spaciousness: Generous passenger space, especially in the rear seat. Information on trunk size and frunk (front trunk) is yet to be revealed.


  • Acceleration: 0 to 100 km/h in 5.8 seconds.
  • Motor: 250 kW/340 horsepower.
  • Battery: 90 kWh (WLTP estimated range of 536 km).


  • Battery swap compatibility: The Chinese version (Rising Auto R7) boasts compatibility with battery swap stations, potentially reducing charging time to 2 minutes 30 seconds. This feature’s availability in Europe remains unknown.

Other details:

  • Price: European pricing has not yet been announced. Chinese equivalent (R7) ranges from 189,900 to 229,900 yuan (roughly €24,300 to €29,400).
  • Availability: Official information regarding the European launch, including France, is still awaited.

Key Takeaways:

Target marketCompeting with Tesla Model Y
StyleFastback SUV design
Dimensions4.90m long, 1.92m wide
InteriorLarge, curved dashboard with three displays
Performance0-100 km/h in 5.8 seconds, 250 kW/340 hp motor
Battery90 kWh, 536 km WLTP range
ChargingPotential compatibility with battery swap stations (details unconfirmed for Europe)
PriceEuropean pricing unavailable (Chinese equivalent: €24,300 – €29,400)
AvailabilityEuropean launch details, including France, awaited

Overall, the MG S9 presents an interesting proposition for those seeking a spacious, feature-rich electric SUV with potential battery swap capabilities. However, key details like European pricing and availability remain to be confirmed.

MG S9: Continued Discussion and Speculation

While the MG S9 has sparked interest, there are still several aspects to consider:


  • The electric SUV market is fiercely competitive, with established players like Tesla and upcoming rivals like the Hyundai IONIQ 5 and Ford Mustang Mach-E. The MG S9’s success will depend on its pricing, features, and brand recognition compared to these competitors.

Battery Swap Technology:

  • While the potential for rapid battery changes through swap stations is intriguing, its actual implementation in Europe remains uncertain. Infrastructure development and collaboration with existing charging networks will be crucial for this technology to become a viable advantage.

Unveiled vs. Released:

  • It’s important to remember that the Geneva Motor Show presentation was primarily a reveal, not a confirmation for the European market. MG hasn’t officially announced the S9’s European release date, pricing, or specific features beyond the Chinese version.

Target Audience:

  • The S9’s spaciousness and potential battery swap capability might appeal to families and individuals who prioritize quick charging and practicality. However, the lack of confirmed features like frunk and European pricing makes it difficult to definitively gauge its target audience.

Future Outlook:

  • The MG S9 has the potential to be a compelling option in the electric SUV segment, especially if it offers competitive pricing and successfully implements battery swap technology in Europe. Continued communication from MG about European launch details will be essential for building anticipation and gauging market interest.

In conclusion, the MG S9 is a promising electric SUV with unique features like a spacious interior and potential battery swap capabilities. However, several questions remain unanswered, particularly concerning its European release, pricing, and competition within the crowded electric SUV market.

MG S9: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is the MG S9 coming to Europe?

While the MG S9 was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show, official confirmation for its European release is still pending. MG hasn’t announced any specific details regarding its availability in European markets.

2. What is the MG S9’s price?

The European price of the MG S9 remains undisclosed. The Chinese version (Rising Auto R7) starts at around €24,300, but European pricing is typically higher.

3. How fast can the MG S9 accelerate?

The MG S9 boasts an acceleration of 0 to 100 km/h in 5.8 seconds.

4. What is the MG S9’s battery range?

The MG S9 is equipped with a 90 kWh battery, offering a WLTP estimated range of 536 km.

5. Does the MG S9 support battery swapping?

The Chinese version (Rising Auto R7) is compatible with battery swap stations, potentially reducing charging time significantly. However, confirmation regarding this feature’s availability in Europe is still awaited.

6. What are the dimensions of the MG S9?

The MG S9 measures 4.90 meters long and 1.92 meters wide.

7. What are the interior features of the MG S9?

The MG S9 features a spacious interior with a large, curved dashboard inspired by the Mercedes-Benz Hyperscreen. This dashboard houses three displays: a 10.25-inch display behind the steering wheel, a 12.3-inch central display, and a 10.05-inch passenger display.

8. When will the MG S9 be available for purchase?

An official release date for the MG S9 in Europe has not been announced yet. Keep an eye on MG’s official channels for further updates.



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