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Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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Micron already manufactures the memory that (surely) the graphics of the future will use

The new chips it is manufacturing Micron They are the novelty that is going to take AI to the highest point that we are going to currently have, and they are already beginning to mass produce memories HBM3E. And this has a direct relationship with the graphs that we will be able to find in the future, since this memory is the one that will be included in the GPU H200 of NVIDIAthus improving the use of AI.

One of the novelties presented NVIDIA is the creation of the H200 tensor cores, being the component that they are proud to present as the GPU most powerful in the world for very large workloads related to AI and the HPC. In this way, we can see how the alliance between Micron and NVIDIA It takes the work power associated with these two technologies to another level, and it may be sooner than we think.

Image of Micron's new memory, the HBM3E

Micron’s new memory, HBM3E

One of the latest news that we have received from the leading company in memory and storage solutions is the fact that they have begun mass production of the new devices. HBM3E 8-Hi of 24GBwhich offer a maximum bandwidth of 1.2TB/s per device. These new chips are going to be a great technological revolution, since they are capable of enhancing some of the most current technologies such as AItaking the processing speed to really high numbers, if everything works as we have been told on several occasions.

And compared to those memories that they were making until now, the HBM3its new version allows a really big improvement, giving a jump in the maximum memory of up to a 44%being an extremely important factor for the H200 of NVIDIA, since these require high bandwidth. Compared to its previous version, the H200which incorporates the memories HBM3E offers an improvement of 61GB and 1.45TB With respect to its previous version, the H100.


Why graphics may include this memory in the future

As we well know, enterprise-level graphics require a large number of features to be able to offer the best performance in an environment that often requires great efforts on the part of the server components. It is because of that NVIDIA It has managed to position itself among one of the largest companies in the world, specifically within the top 5, by having been able to develop a component that has been able to offer data centers all the power they needed.

In this case, it is normal to think that we will see these memories in the future of NVIDIAsince as we well know they will reach the H200, the new business solution that greatly increases performance compared to what they currently offer. But in this case, the memories HBM3 current ones are not only used in industrial solutions, since they are also the ones that will incorporate the RTX fiftyit being possible that we will see these chips in the next graphics aimed at users of the current fourth largest company in the world.




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