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Friday, April 12, 2024
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Microsoft is already testing RTM.

Windows 11 is still in development. Microsoft is still developing its operating system, adding new features and functionality to improve the user experience while improving many bugs and errors that may be present in the OS. After updating to version 23H2 last year, the company announced its next major update: 24 hours2. Plus, it may arrive much sooner than you think.

A few hours ago, Insider program users Development and Canary Channels They received a new update for the operating system that arrived with number 26100. Initially, it was another update that mainly focused on bugs, errors, and program fixes. But there’s actually something else hidden in this new build.

A major update is ready for 2024

It’s true that Microsoft no longer uses the term RTM, but when it did use the term in the past, it indicated an upcoming version of the operating system. Specifically, the version of software you will receive from the manufacturer to install on your new computer.

new Windows 11 build 26100 This indicates that this is a compilation selected by Microsoft to send to manufacturers for installation on new computers. This way, if the manufacturer already has this version, they will begin configuring new computers so that by summer or fall, new computers will already have this version.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that build 26100 is the final build. Because Windows 11 is an operating system as a service and is under constant development, Microsoft will continue to release updates starting today until the final 24-hour release for all users. This means that even if this new build is available for your new computer, you will still need to download the Microsoft Update update to get the update as soon as you turn on your computer.

And when can I install 24H2 at home? Well, unless you sign up for the Windows 11 Insider program, you’ll have to wait to get this new version of the OS on your computer. Most likely, it will be released in the summer, when new computers already updated to this version will go on sale.

What’s new in Windows 11 24H2

24H2 is an update that arrives in a much shorter time than previous updates. Additionally, considering the recent update to Moment 5 version of Windows 11, the new features remaining in the pipeline are somewhat lacking.

Some of the new features found in this version include: Designed specifically for ARM devices, as it will come with the new Snapdragon Additionally, management of battery autonomy is strengthened and storage management is also improved.

Of course, it will be a very focused update on artificial intelligence, with significant changes both in Copilot and many other elements of the operating system. This version is notable in that it also removes WordPad. We’re testing a new “hot” update system that eliminates the need to restart your PC each time a patch is installed, and adding new features to File Explorer.

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