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Friday, May 24, 2024
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Microsoft is coming with a brand new app this summer

Apple has something to worry about, another digital giant is reportedly about to launch its own application store. It’s about Microsoft. The firm could in fact publish this summer its “Xbox Mobile Gaming Store”. If the rumors surrounding the arrival of this web-app on the iPhone are more and more pressing, it is Sarah Brand, the president of the Xbox branch at Microsoft who has just confirmed the news herself, during the Bloomberg Summit.

According to the latter, the Store should be oriented around popular mobile games, which were developed by Microsoft. This includes major popular hits like Candy Crush Saga and Minecraft. In an article on the subject, the specialized media The Verge nevertheless specifies that this “Xbox Mobile Gaming Store” should not initially allow downloading of the applications in question.

Microsoft: not yet a major competitor

Indeed, Microsoft would leave this option within the more popular App Store. The group’s application store should nevertheless be used, which would initially be focused on in-app purchases. For now, this application store should not overshadow the App Store and the Play Store on Android.

If the solution were initially to be launched on the web during the summer, it could quickly find itself as an alternative to the two essential application stores. The question is whether mobile game publishers will make the common choice of the App Store or will they dare to launch on a new platform?

Mobile gaming: a Wild West in the making

With the arrival of new regulations in Europe and the opening of the Apple ecosystem, application store projects are becoming more and more numerous. In addition to Microsoft, which officially announced its arrival on the iPhone in the more or less long term, Epic Games is also preparing its arrival.

Tim Sweeney’s company, publisher of the famous Fortnite, was on the front line to bring down the App Store monopoly. However, it has still not proposed alternatives to the latter, although the law allows it to do so today.

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