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Friday, April 12, 2024
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HomePC HardwareMSI Z790: Manufacturer admits that some motherboards contain cracked chipsets.

MSI Z790: Manufacturer admits that some motherboards contain cracked chipsets.

Recently some motherboards were discovered. MSI Z790 The chipset may be cracked due to a poorly positioned heatsink.

MSI Z790: Motherboard found to come with broken chipset.

M: Yes They acknowledged in a statement that there was a problem with the motherboard. MSI Z790one of those motherboards Z790 Tomahawk WiFiThis was one of the first motherboards where the PCH Z790 chipset was found to have broken due to a factory failure but not a user cause. (See Joshi Repair video above).

“We have discovered that a small number of drives may experience non-functioning PCHs, which may result in a dead on arrival (DOA) of the motherboard product. “We have identified the cause of the previously used chipset heatsink screw design and have taken proactive steps to address this issue,” MSI explained in a statement. “A revised chipset heatsink screw design has been implemented in our production and known cases have been addressed.”

“We maintain high standards of accountability and want to ensure that affected customers receive replacement products quickly.” Customers are advised to contact their nearest MSI Regional Service Center to initiate RMA replacement for Z790 motherboards affected by defective PCH.

-MSI statement

MSI is pointing out that the cause of the motherboard chipset damage was a screw in the wrong position on the PCH Z790’s heatsink, which appears to have already been resolved during the manufacturing process.

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The company didn’t want to disclose the number of devices affected, only noting that there were a “small number” of motherboards affected and that local service is now available to help affected users get replacements.

Besides the motherboard Z790 Tomahawk WiFi, no other affected MSI models were mentioned. We’ll keep you up to date with all the news.

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