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Wednesday, May 22, 2024
HomeTechnology NewsMunri also wants to decipher dreams with artificial intelligence.

Munri also wants to decipher dreams with artificial intelligence.

A few weeks ago I introduced a tool that uses artificial intelligence to interpret dreams. Today we return to the topic of an app for iOS that performs a similar task.

Moonlight It stands out for its constant innovation, and it recently went one step further with an update that promises to change the way we interpret dreams. The introduction of artificial intelligence to analyze and decipher the meaning of dreams from a psychological point of view marks a milestone in the functionality of mobile applications dedicated to emotional and mental well-being.

I’ve seen many applications promising significant improvements in our lives, but few are as exciting as the following features: interpret dreams Through AI. Moonlight The technique was implemented based on the principles of the psychoanalytical method. sigmund freudIt provides users with powerful tools for self-knowledge.

The process is simple but engaging. After describing your dream in a designated field within the application, ChatGPT on OpenAIProcesses information and provides written interpretation. Same format as above, but focuses on Freud’s interpretation.

This ability to provide immediate insight into your dreams without having to rely on a dream dictionary or wait for an appointment with a psychoanalyst is something very personal. stargazer Accessible directly from the calendar section of the app’s home screen, users can interpret one dream per day, with the counter resetting at noon. Currently this feature is only available to the following users: iOS.

free version Moonlight The limit of one dream per day remains, but wider use requires a subscription and allows you to generate interpretations of up to two dreams. The possibility to store and share these interpretations on social networks opens up new channels of communication and expression between users and their social circles.

Moonlight plans to expand This feature allows users to save their dreams directly into the app, making it easy to create a personal dream diary. This adds to the features already present in Moonly, including lunar calendars, daily affirmations, tarot and rune exercises, vibrations, mantras, meditations, Vedas, astrology, and various stories and advice on chakras.

Moonlight It’s free to download from the App Store, with a subscription option to unlock all features.

I’m not a fan of astrology, but I know I’m really curious about the issue of integrating it with AI.


Mark Tyson
Mark Tyson
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