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Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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New iPads: the few surprises when opening the box

Apple presented new tablet models last week. First of all, the iPad Pro, which have a more efficient chip and a screen with better contrasts. Two sizes are offered, with eleven or thirteen inches on the clock. Some already regret the abandonment of the ultra-wide angle on the back of these devices, but the performance is clearly there according to the first benchmarks.

At the same time, Apple also introduced the general public to iPad Air with M2 processor. One particularity distinguishes them from their predecessors, beyond the new motherboard: it is the arrangement of the front camera lengthwise. In addition, for the first time in this range, the manufacturer also offers us two sizes of eleven and thirteen inches. But these tablets hide other surprises from us…

The OLED screen is already having problems

First of all, users of the new iPad Pro with OLED panel assure that the HDR content is not displayed correctly, with their device. Indeed, sometimes, the color blue becomes white without us really knowing why. The good news is that Apple has already become aware of this concern. The company ensures that it is working on a fix, which could be deployed in the coming days. Phew! It is therefore a software problem, in theory easier to resolve than when a hardware repair is necessary.

On the technical sheet side, you should know that the new iPad Pros have two panels with a density of 264 pixels per inch, capable of reaching a brightness of one thousand six hundred nits. An oleophobic coating is also on the front, to limit the appearance of fingerprints on the display. And of course, the ProMotion refresh rate of one hundred and twenty frames per second of the iPad Pro M2s is still there.

A surprise in the box of certain iPad Pros

Another subject, lighter this time: the rag in microfiber that Apple offers to clean the screen of its devices is included in the box of the new iPad Pro. Normally, the product is sold for the tidy sum of no less than twenty-five euros at Tim Cook’s company. This price had attracted a lot of money when the item arrived in store several months earlier.

Be aware, however, that Apple’s cloth is, in reality, not available with all iPad Pros. You must therefore invest in a model with a screen protected by a nano-textured glass cover, to benefit from this additional accessory. But as you might expect, this display advantage is more expensive. Count on 1,949 euros for an eleven-inch iPad Pro M4 (1 TB of internal storage) without this advantage, compared to 2,019 euros with it.

What is the operating system version of the new iPads?

With iPadOS 17.5 released, we might have thought that it was this edition of the operating system that would equip the new iPad Air and iPad Pro. But that’s not the case. Indeed, those who received the tablets assure that they are in fact running iPadOS 17.4, without additional explanations from the developer. This is quite a shame, especially because iPadOS 17.5 resolves several significant security flaws.

With this version, you can also install apps from the web and without going through the App Store (but only in the European Union). This version also comes with a new game within Apple News+, as well as a new feature allowing you to block unwanted tracking from object trackers. Compatible iPads have already been communicated by the manufacturer.

A technical sheet that influences performance

Finally, be aware that depending on the storage capacity you choose, you do not have access to the same chip under the hood of the iPad Pro. And for good reason: by opting for a tablet with only 256 GB or 512 GB of internal storage, you will only be entitled to one Nine-core CPU. For comparison, with an iPad Pro equipped with 1 TB or 2 TB of memory, this component is entitled to one more core.

However, according to new benchmarks just published on Geekbench, this significant difference is also synonymous with a power gap. The M4 chip with similar nine cores would thus be approximately 9% less powerful than the one with ten hearts, which makes sense.

  • The M4 chip with nine cores is 9% less powerful than the one with ten cores, according to a benchmark
  • A microfiber cloth is provided in the box of the new iPad Pros
  • The new iPads do not run on iPadOS 17.5 but on iPadOS 17.4
  • Apple working to resolve a bug in the OLED screen of the new iPad Pros

iPad Pro 11″ M4 5G 256 GB (2024) at the best priceBase price: €1,469

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