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news about Apple’s plan to revolutionize AI with Siri

There is an hourglass in Apple Park that is so big and has so many grains that it won’t finish tipping over until June. What that clock marks is the start of WWDC 2024, Apple’s annual developer conference that will have iOS 18 as its main protagonist. And with a lot, a lot, a lot of artificial intelligence.

Because yes, AI has been starring in many launches for a year and a half, although Apple did not seem to have jumped on the bandwagon. However, it seems that it will be 2024 when they announce their great revolution with Siri and in what some experts predict will be the biggest update in the history of the iPhone. There it is nothing.

Mark Gurman raises expectations with iOS 18 and artificial intelligence

If you are a regular reader of Applesfera, you will already know Mark Gurman well. If not, tell you that he is a renowned Bloomberg journalist who has internal sources at Apple that allow him to be one of the company’s biggest information leakers. Not all of his history is positive and he has occasionally been the victim of a false leak, but in general he is usually quite on target.

Hence, it is very relevant that someone like Gurman says a phrase similar to the one we used to title this post. And it is that in your latest newsletter He was responding to a question asked by a reader, who asked him about iOS 18. Gurman said the following:

“I’m told that the new operating system is seen within the company as one of the biggest, if not the biggest, iOS updates in the company’s history.”

Sorry, Siri: I can now talk to ChatGPT as if it were another WhatsApp contact

The journalist claims to have more information about this update, although he took advantage of that issue to create some expectation, since he did not provide more information and limited himself to saying that he already plans to share more specific details.

What we already know (and what we don’t) about iOS 18 and Siri

Why do we mention Siri when talking about iOS 18? Well, precisely because the assistant will be the epicenter of the changes that are coming with the next iPhone update. And not because of an intuition that many of us could already have as standard, but because There have already been leaks that point to the assistant in this direction.

Ia iPhone
Ia iPhone

Technically, a list as such has not been leaked with exact details of how the iPhone user experience will change with AI (for that we wait for Gurman). Regarding Siri, it has already been leaked that it will be improved by a new LLM language model that Apple has been working on for years and which is said to be more or less on par with the GPT-4 from OpenAI.

This is basic It would allow Siri to have much more natural conversations with context. That is, keep a kind of history so you don’t have to start each request from scratch and do much more natural actions such as asking him to “turn on the light in the living room” and then saying something like “and now the ones in the kitchen.”

A more natural and customizable Siri sounds good, although there are indications that it could be via subscription and not free for everyone.

There has also been talk of be able to customize the assistant and that adapts uniquely to each user. In some ways it reminds ChatGPT store in which we can have different chatbots adapted to different circumstances. It is not something that is confirmed for Siri, but it could well be by virtue of that greater customization.

Of course, there are two big shadows that hover over this AI revolution for Apple: its price and availability. Regarding the first, there are those who point to a possible new subscription, although it is not very clear either. What does seem obvious is the second, given that the demands of such a language model require very cutting-edge hardware that could greatly limit compatible iPhones.

Maximum privacy on the iPhone: so you can delete your conversations with Siri so that not even Apple sees them

In that last part comes full knowledge where this AI will run, whether it will be internally (and more private) or on Apple’s servers. Although this detail has not been revealed, the most sensible thing is to imagine a mixed model in which the iPhone runs some basic ones and the rest is done in the cloud. And this, coming from Apple precisely, will imply that they devote themselves fully to ensuring the privacy of conversations.

Be that as it may, we are waiting to learn more details, whether from Gurman or another leaker. Nothing is expected from Apple until the aforementioned month of June, given that they are not known for announcing anything until their own events arrive.

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