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Next Notcoin? Telegram game ‘Hamster Kombat’ is about to launch tokens on the TON network

Game Hamster Kombat is about to launch tokens on The Open Network (TON).

Hamster Kombat is a Telegram-based “play-to-earn” game that allows players to manage a virtual cryptocurrency exchange. By tapping the digital hamster, players can mine virtual currency and upgrade their exchange to earn more money faster.

The project claims to have attracted 60 million users since its launch in March, owning the largest Telegram channel with more than 21 million subscribers, higher than Notcoin’s peak of 13 million subscribers.

Source: Telegramchannels

Telegram games have recently become more popular following the success of Notcoin, a social clicker game that rewards players with tokens for tapping the screen. The game has attracted 35 million players in three months and recently launched the NOT token – marking the largest game token launch this year so far.

More recently, a click-to-earn game similar to Tapos helped the Aptos layer 1 blockchain process more than 115 million transactions in a day – thanks to the game every click is a transaction.

Hamster Kombat takes the premise of a Telegram-based clicker to develop. Players take on the role of CEO at a cryptocurrency exchange, trying to grow their empire. When starting out, all players need to do is tap to receive points – but soon, players can use the money to buy items to boost their trading performance. For example, in the game, players can create a YouTube channel, access Joe Rogan’s podcast, or host a “special hamster convention” to earn points passively.

It’s possible that the points users earn in Hamster Kombat will eventually be converted into tokens, but details have yet to be confirmed.

Notcoin also launched its native token on The Open Network and the massive airdrop helped NOT reach a market capitalization of $1 billion, entering the top 100 assets.

Now, a month later, Hamster Kombat is preparing to launch its own token with almost three times more Telegram subscribers than Notcoin. Although the game has announced its intention to launch tokens on the TON network, it has not yet revealed exactly when it will take place.


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