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Thursday, May 23, 2024
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No HBM memory! SK Hynix has already sold its entire 2024 supply

We have been talking for several months about the increase in the price of memories used to manufacture storage units, due to the fact that the large available stock has been reducing, so a rise in the price of this is expected in the coming months. storage type. Today we talk about another bad news since, one of the largest HBM memory manufacturers has just announced that it has sold all the supply it had planned for 2024.

HBM memories are high-speed memories designed for GPUs and that, for some time now, have been in high demand by GPU manufacturers for large data centers that are dedicated to training. Artificial Intelligencessince it offers lower consumption and higher speed than GDDR and DDR memories commonly used in home equipment.

Out of stock of HBM memories

According to Kim Tae-tae, vice president of SLK Hynix, the demand for HBM memories has skyrocketed due to the advancement that Artificial Intelligence has experienced, since they offer features and performance superior to traditional ones.

With NVIDIA at the helm as the most important GPU manufacturer in the world, whose main business volume has experienced a growth of more than 400% In the last year, it is not surprising that the demand for this type of memory has skyrocketed and that the stock has become a problem, reaching the point of stating that the entire supply that was planned to manufacture this type of units is exhausted. .

hbm memory

NVIDIA and AMD are already working on the next generation of their GPUs dedicated to training Artificial Intelligences, which means that the demand for this type of memory will continue growing in recent years.

In addition to NVIDIA and AMD, we also have to add Intel with its range of Arc graphics, Softbank with the investment of 100,000 million planned for the coming years and Microsoft, who has announced that it is already working on a design to manufacture dedicated GPUs for its servers.

Due to the increase in demand for this type of memory, everything indicates that SK Hynix has a very promising future, in terms of income, especially when the next generations of this type of memory are launched, in which it has been for years. working and that will offer better benefits than the current ones.

Possible price increase for graphics cards

NVIDIA plans to present the RTX 50 range by the end of this year, a new range that could suffer a significant price rise compared to the previous generation and/or face supply problems if the stock of HBR memories starts to be a problem.

NVIDIA would not be the only manufacturer that would be affected by the lack of stock since it would also affect AMD and the rest of the manufacturers. This type of memory was created by SK Hynix in 2013, making it the only manufacturer that has the capacity to manufacture it.

What is clear is that the future related to graphics cards, both for home use and those focused on data centers, will be very hectic in the coming months. Let’s hope that users are not affected, although everything seems to indicate that it is very unlikely that this will happen.


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