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Monday, June 3, 2024
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Notable token unlock schedule in June

Notable token unlock schedule in June

June promises to be an important month for token unlocks in the cryptocurrency world.

Large projects such as Arbitrum and Aptos, along with APE, OP, etc. are expected to unlock over 650 million USD worth of tokens at current prices.

Here are all the important token unlocks coming up this June, data compiled by the platform


Aptos will unlock an additional 2.59% of the circulating supply on June 12, equivalent to 11.31 million tokens with a current value of about 100 million USD.


ImmutableX on June 13 will unlock 1.72% of the circulating supply, equivalent to 25.5 million tokens (~55 million USD).

VanEck recently said that the release of Web3 games like Illuvium could push ImmutableX into the top 25 projects by market capitalization in 2024.


StarkNeta project working on layer-2 networks, announced that it will unlock 64 million tokens on June 15, a number of tokens equivalent to 5.6 million total circulating supply.

64 million tokens compared to the current price of about 75 million USD.

StarkNet also recently said it will increase throughput and reduce transaction fees for users.


Arbitrum will unlock 3.2% of the circulating supply on June 16.

3.2% corresponds to 92.6 million tokens with a current value of about 103 million USD.

Arbitrum recently said it became the first layer-2 network to reach $150 billion in total volume on Uniswap.

Space ID

Protocol Space will unlock an additional 18.3% of the circulating supply on June 22.

18.3% is equivalent to 78.5 million tokens with a current value of about 56 million USD.


Optimism will unlock 31.3 million tokens worth approximately 77 million USD on June 30, which represents 2.9% of Optimism’s circulating supply.

The project recently passed the threshold of unlocking 25% of its tokens, with the remaining three-quarters locked.

Optimism recently announced that it has…Successfully deployed support for layer-3 chains join Superchain.

Other important unlocks

June 17: ApeCoin will unlock 15.6 million tokens (~20 million SUD).

June 19: Pixels unlocks 7% of its circulating supply, equivalent to 54 million tokens worth about $25 million at current prices.

June 25: AltLayer will unlock 105 million tokens (~36 million USD).

June 30: Echelon Prime will unlock 1.7 million tokens (~28 million USD).

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