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NVIDIA can add HDR to (almost) any game thanks to AI

A while ago we commented on the new technology that was planned to be launched NVIDIA which would allow us to activate the mode HDR In most of the games that exist today if we have a RTX, and we can now try it thanks to the latest drivers that the company has launched. This technology will allow us, thanks to the AIhave a more immersive range of colors, so our gaming experience will be improved thanks to it.

The mode HDR (High Dynamic Range) allows you to offer higher light intensity on various surfaces, making games or images look more vivid, therefore offering superior immersion. In some cases it may be that not everyone likes it, since in the end it is about the objects having greater lighting, so in games that are made to be dark, it can be a bit strange, since visually can make it completely different.

Image of the NVIDIA application

NVIDIA’s HDR RTX lands alongside the new app

One of the new features that has been introduced NVIDIA along with the launch of the new improved version of your application GeForce Experiencewhose name will change to NVIDIA appis the function of being able to activate the HDR in our games. As always, it should be noted that to use this function we must have a monitor compatible with HDRso if our screen does not support this technology, we will not be able to use AI to improve the visual quality of our games.

The new drivers that it provides us NVIDIA They allow us to activate various options that will allow us to improve how our video games look, also allowing us to personalize, thanks to the filters, the way in which they are presented. The implementation of RTX HDR It is perfect for those people who have a monitor with this feature but cannot enjoy it as it is not activated in many of the games currently on the market.

That is why the use of this function implemented by one of the leading companies in the sector is extremely attractive for all those people looking to improve their gaming experience.

How to activate HDR mode

If you have problems knowing how to activate this technology, we explain it to you in a very simple way, you have to follow some previous steps to be able to enjoy this new function that the controllers incorporate. NVIDIAbut if you have a monitor compatible with HDR and follow these steps, you will be able to use it in a matter of minutes.

  1. We download the APP of NVIDIA from its official page, if we have GeForce Experience installed, it will simply update it.
  2. We install the new application NVIDIA.
  3. We start and do the preliminary steps (global configuration, overlay configuration, login…)
  4. We look for the new drivers by clicking on the reload button that appears at the top right in the “Drivers” tab, the latest version is 551.61
  5. We click on “Download and install”
  6. Once installed we move to the “Graphics” tab
  7. In “Global Configuration” it will appear to activate the HDR through AI if our monitor is compatible (mine is not).
  8. To apply it within the game, we activate the overlay and press ALT+F3, all the filters will appear, we apply the one with its name HDR.

NVIDIA APP configuration image

In this way we can enjoy the new technology that it offers us NVIDIAas well as all the others included in the new application that this company has developed.




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