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The company’s current line is split between cards using last-generation (a.k.a. “10-series”) GPUs dubbed the “Pascal” line, and newer GTX 1600- and RTX 2000-series lines, based on GPUs using an architecture called “Turing.” Its Titan cards are outliers; more on them in a bit. Nvidia Graphics Card.

Here’s a quick rundown of the currently relevant card classes in the Pascal and Turing families, their rough pricing, and their usage cases. Nvidia Graphics Card.

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Benchmark List Performance Metrics

Nvidia Graphics Cards have lots of technical features like shaders, cuda cores, memory size and speed, core speed, overclockeability and many more. The list could go on, but what we want to give you here is a quick and easy overview of Nvidia Graphics Cards in order of Performance throughout two of the most popular use cases on this site. Rendering and Gaming.

The RTX 2080 Ti does enable higher quality 4K gaming experience than the rest of the pack sitting below it, so if price is no object and you simply want the best consumer-oriented GPU on the market, the GeForce RTX 2080 Ti remains the clear winner.

If your bank account is thinking about going on strike for eyeing the 2080 Ti, stepping down to the RTX 2080 Super might help. You’re still getting the second fastest graphics card, saving about 35% on the price, and getting 85-90% of the performance. What’s more, 1440p and 4K gaming are totally possible on the RTX 2080 Super, just not necessarily at maximum quality (especially 4K). The good news is that the difference between ultra and high quality in many games is difficult to see, while the jump in performance can be significant.

If you’re a PC gamer, or a content creator who lives and dies by the speed of your graphics-accelerated software, your video card is the engine that powers what you can do—or how lustily you can brag.

Best Nvidia Graphics Card for the money

The currently best Nvidia GPU for the money is the Nvidia GTX 1660. It list at the top value spot. Built on TSMC’s 12nm process, the GTX 1660 sports 6GB of GDDR5 VRAM that clock at 2000MHz with a bandwidth of 192GB/s.

At a Power Draw of 120W TDP, the chip clocks at 1530MHz and can boost up to roughly 1860MHz, depending on the variant of card you are looking at.

Some Brands such as Gigabyte, with its 1660 Gaming OC variant, overclock the GPU slightly to gain some extra performance.

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