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Tuesday, June 4, 2024
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OKX users lose $2 million in deepfake AI scam

A user named “来日方长” reported a serious security breach involving an OKX account, resulting in a loss of over 2 million USD.

According to crypto journalist WuBlockchain, the user detailed that the scammer obtained all of his personal information through Telegram. Using this data, the attackers accessed his email account and started resetting passwords. They then used an AI-generated video to change his phone number, email address, and Google Authenticator settings. This sophisticated method allows scammers to drain accounts within 24 hours.

The incident highlights the growing threat of cybercriminals abusing AI in the cryptocurrency sector. Deepfake technology, which can imitate a person’s voice, face and gestures, is increasingly used in cyberattacks. According to a Government Technology report, these AI-generated deepfakes can deliver disinformation and phishing messages at an unprecedented scale and sophistication, making them harder to detect and stop. . This new generation of cyberattacks is undermining trust in digital interactions, posing significant challenges for both individuals and organizations.

The incident that 来日方长 encountered is just part of a broader trend of AI-related fraud. Earlier this year, Fortune had emphasize the emergence of OnlyFake, a website capable of generating highly authentic fake IDs that can fool know-your-customer processes at cryptocurrency exchanges like OKX. These developments show that AI is increasingly being used by cybercriminals to bypass traditional security measures.

To deal with these threats, experts emphasize the importance of security awareness and training. As noted by Government Technology, effective security awareness training can change security culture, making individuals more vigilant and better equipped to detect phishing attacks delicate. Furthermore, organizations are encouraged to adopt new technology tools that use AI to detect and prevent message fraud, thereby “tit for tat”.

WuBlockchain has called on exchanges to strengthen security measures and users to be more vigilant in protecting their personal information to minimize the risk of such advanced attacks. This incident serves as a stark reminder of the evolving nature of AI cyber threats and the need for continued adaptation in security measures.


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