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Thursday, May 23, 2024
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ONLYOFFICE integrates with Zoom for office document collaboration.

At Whatsnew we have been bringing you for many years all the news about the ONLYOFFICE platform, a platform that has reached very high positions in the ranking of office solutions. Today we’re going to do something really useful again. ONLYOFFICE DocSpace From the Zoom desktop client.

you’re right. ONLYOFFICE, an open source office software project known for its commitment to advanced secure office solutions, is now zoomIt is a platform that has become synonymous with virtual communication.

This integration allows you to edit and work on office documents without leaving the interface, opening new doors for real-time productivity during virtual meetings. zoomBy utilizing the abilities of ONLYOFFICE DocSpace.

The beta version of this integration introduces a set of features designed to improve document collaboration. Not only does it allow Create, upload and share files DOCX, XLSX and PPTX as well as editing or live display options. AI assistant integration Facilitates working with text. On the other hand, it provides tools for discussion and writing. Complex PDF FormAnnotate and easily navigate PDF files, such as sales contracts and contracts.

One of the most attractive aspects of this integration is Co-edit documents, spreadsheets, or presentations Simultaneously with other meeting participants. It offers powerful collaboration features including real-time co-editing mode, paragraph locking, change tracking, and comment management. This promotes teamwork and makes you more dynamic and efficient.

the only office

For those concerned about accessibility and management of documents worked on during meetings, ONLYOFFICE has thought of everything. file It is stored in a specific collaboration room., accessible anytime, anywhere. Additionally, Zoom users receive the following benefits when they first authenticate in the app: Free DocSpace accountThis greatly simplifies file management between meetings.

the only officethe only office

And above all, this The integration is completely free.. Those who register before August 1, 2024 will enjoy promotional offers that include expanded features for administrators and storage, demonstrating ONLYOFFICE’s commitment to accessibility and support for large teams or companies.

the only officethe only office

The promotional rate includes 100 administrators, 100 rooms, and 100 GB of storage. The proposed plan is valid for 6 months from the date of registration.

The startup process is incredibly simple, with no additional registration required for Zoom users. Simply install the application ONLYOFFICE DocSpace At the official store Zoom App MarketplaceUsers can begin collaborating more effectively in meetings.

This move by ONLYOFFICE highlights its position as a leader in office innovation and highlights the importance of integrated tools to improve user experience in the digital environment. Today, more than ever, efficiency and collaboration are key. This integration is a testament to how technology can facilitate communication and teamwork even at a distance.


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