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Oppo-Vivo has given up on foldable phones, and Huawei and Samsung are preparing to launch triple foldable phones.

It is reported that Opovivo is considering withdrawing from the foldable phone market. This could leave the market in the hands of Huawei and Samsung. Meanwhile, there is also news that Huawei is developing a triple foldable smartphone. On the other hand, Samsung Electronics is developing a rollable display phone. However, no confirmation has been received from the company yet. Therefore, it is better to wait for the official report to see how the situation develops.

In this article:

Oppo and Vivo likely to leave the foldable phone market

According to a report by Korea Economic Daily, Oppo and Vivo may withdraw from the foldable phone business due to poor prospects. Both Chinese companies are lagging behind established companies such as Samsung, Apple, and Xiaomi in terms of global smartphone market share. Even at home, it lags behind companies like Honor and Huawei.

Huawei and Samsung will benefit

If Oppo and Vivo leave the foldable phone business, Samsung Electronics and Huawei will benefit the most. Korean conglomerates are leading the way in the foldable phone market. It will clearly benefit from the exit of both BBK companies. However, it is Huawei that the Korean publication considers to be the clear beneficiary of this situation.

Huawei Trifold Smartphone Plans (Rumors)

  • design: Can be bent twice in a Z shape.
  • Denote: Huawei’s tri-fold mobile phone has a 10-inch screen that can be opened.
  • Release Schedule:The world’s first triple foldable phone is scheduled to be released in the first half of 2024. It appears that they are already preparing for mass production.
  • Expected sales: According to a South Korean report, Huawei could sell more than 130 million units per year.

That’s because these types of foldables act like tablets that fold into the same shape as a phone. So it could encroach on the tablet market. This could pose a threat to Apple’s iPad business, at least in China. This year, it was able to surpass Apple’s sales volume in the Chinese market in just two weeks.

Apple and Samsung are also ready

There were also rumors that Apple was developing a foldable iPhone, with final production expected as early as 2026. Meanwhile, Samsung appears to have completed its work on creating a rollable display and the market is waiting for the rolling Galaxy smartphone.

Let me tell you that by 2023, Samsung is leading the foldable phone segment with a market share of 66%. At the same time, in the current tablet PC market, Apple’s iPad occupies first place with a 40% market share, and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab occupies second place with a 19% market share.



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