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Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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Play for free on PC with Infinity Blade, the missing iPhone classic

As we tell you, Infinity Blase is the example that any game you buy in the App Store It will no longer be available one day, and everything you have spent will be lost. So think very hard from now on if it makes sense to have your iPhone as an entertainment center. Let’s see, you could decide that it is worth it, but remember that after a certain time everything you buy will no longer be available. Unlike what happens on PC, for example.

Infinity Blade returns through the front door

The point is that Infinity Blade is back, not as an Apple mobile game but as a port Some users have worked hard to enjoy it on PC forever, where you can download it without spending a euro, although, yes, with a gaming experience that is somewhat different from the original. Why’s that? Well basically because we don’t have a touch screen on which to draw the blows and protections that we want to carry out.

If you remember, Infinity Blade It focused on a series of combats until we managed to eliminate the boss main and end up taking its place. Along the way, beasts and knights appeared that we had to defeat with a sword blow or shield defense, guessing when they were going to attack us and, of course, making accurate cuts in the enemy’s vital areas.

Here, in this version for PC, although we do not have the touch screen, we will have the mouse (here it is better to forget the gamepad), which behaves in the same way, with attacking movements and other defensive ones, in such a way that mixing We can both win all the confrontations. It was a game Very simplebut effective and, at that time in 2010, very, very spectacular.

An improved version in everything

As we told you, in 2010 this first Infinity Blade and it was completely removed from the store in 2018. Until today, those who bought it have not been able to play it again so this PC version becomes their last chance. If you want to enjoy it, you can download it from the link we leave you below. This version is not only like the original, but the textures and graphic quality have been improved to adapt it as much as possible to what is popular now. In any case, don’t expect too many changes because the original concept was already quite limited due to its arrival in the first iPad.

If you are nostalgic for this saga (which had three titles and another cancelled), take advantage. that since Manzana It doesn’t take care of the games in its store or what you spend on them, at least there are users determined not to forget their classics.




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