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Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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Played Doom with a robot lawn mower

Tech shows also suffer from a lot of disharmony. Like playing a deathmatch game in Doom with a Husqvarna robot lawn mower.

The game revolves around anything and everything. Porting ID Software’s games to unorthodox video game devices is also a popular challenge among developers. If you want an overview, read this: This article from Numerama listing devices to play on fate. To discover these kinds of demos, there’s nothing better than a show like MWC 2024. In this case, one of the units had a fun installation by robotic lawn mower experts Husqvarna.

It’s fun and it works

Release fate This is done from the mower screen. The game installs and runs like any other application, because robot lawn mowers today have the computing power to run their distant ancestors. call of duty.

The game runs very smoothly on the Husqvarna mower. As for the gameplay… To control the view, spin the wheel and click to shoot. Another button is used to move forward and the last button is used to open the door. I can’t imagine playing it for hours, aside from the demonstration and incongruous aspects.

The strength of Husqvarna’s Doom project is that it uses the mower’s Wi-Fi chip. Typically ports focus on single-player FPS experiences, but here Husqvarna has delivered a competitive deathmatch.

But why?

When faced with this type of project, the question that immediately comes to mind is ‘Why?’ Why install Doom on your lawn mower? This is actually an internal project for the company’s developers. This is a challenge we want to take on in the field. It’s a way to motivate your team, and it’s also a recruiting technique.

Björn Mannefred, a robotics engineer at Husqvarna whom I met at the exhibition, said this makes the company more attractive. Engineers are becoming increasingly rare and may be attracted to other large groups such as GAFAM.

Behind these internal projects, there is still a reality for the general public. In fact, a software update for Automower lawn mowers will allow you to actually install Doom starting in the spring of 2024. The group’s next mower will feature ID Software games as standard.

Our journalist Cassim Montilla is in Barcelona to cover the entire MWC 2024, but he was there as part of a press tour organized by Qualcomm.


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