(Central Processing Unit) The computing part of the computer. Also called the “processor,” the CPU is made up of the control unit. Today, all CPUs are microprocessors, and server, desktop, laptop, smartphone, and tablet microprocessors have more than one processing unit.

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Choose your Team: The Blue and The Red

There are two leading CPU manufacturers on the market, Intel and AMD. They build processors for both mainstream users and experts who want to boost system performance with overclocking.

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AMD Processors Price in Nepal

AMD Processors Model AMD Processor Price in Nepal
AMD Ryzen 5900x Rs. 115,000
AMD Ryzen 5800x Rs. 68,500
AMD Ryzen 5600x Rs. 50,500
AMD Ryzen 3900x Rs. 72,500
AMD Ryzen 3700x Rs. 47,000
AMD Ryzen 3600x Rs. 36,000
AMD Ryzen 3600 Rs. 29,500
AMD Ryzen 3400G Rs. 28,000
AMD Ryzen 3200G Rs. 21,400
AMD Ryzen 2400G Rs. 19,500

Intel Processors

Intel Processors have always been around impacting our lives for the last 2 decades. Higher-end Intel processors also have more cache memory than mid-range and low-end ones. This is very fast storage used to hold the data the CPU cores are about to need. The Intel Core i3-10100 has 6MB, the Intel Core i5-11600K 12MB.

How to choose an Intel CPU: What the names mean

Choosing whether to buy a Core i5, i7 or i9 can seem pretty simple. It’s one of those “good, better, best” scenarios. But you also need to pay attention to the letters at the end of a CPU name before you head to the checkout.

Generally, with Intel you have 4 types of the same CPU. Each one with different characteristics.

For example with the new 11 series 900 chips:

Intel®️ Core™️ i9-11900K - Support Overclocking & Has Integrated GFX
Intel®️ Core™️ i9-11900KF - Supports Overclocking & NO integrated GFX
Intel®️ Core™️ i9-11900 - Does not support Overclocking & Has Integrated GFX
Intel®️ Core™️ i9-11900F - Does not support overclocking & NO Integrated GFX

Generally speaking, Intel chips without Integrated GFX (because the UHD GFX die is absent) run cooler. The K chips will also have better-overclocking ability.

We recommend going KF if you have a dedicated GFX card because the Intel UHD GFX is wasted. It results in the CPU running cooler because there are fewer processes running on the CPU. They tend to be cheaper than standard K chips, so you can spend the extra money on other components.

Intel Processors Price in Nepal

Intel Processors Model Intel Processor Price in Nepal
Intel Core i9 11900K
Intel Core i7 11700K
Intel Core i5 11400K
Intel Core i7 10700K
Intel Core i9 10900K
Intel Core i7 10700K
Intel Core i5 10400
Intel Core i7 9700K
Intel Core i5 9400F