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Tuesday, June 4, 2024
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[QC] Ronaldo’s Jersey (RONJER) explodes after the KuCoin listing announcement. Amid the rising price trend of Meme Coin, will Dogecoin participate?

KangaMoon, an ambitious cryptocurrency, is preparing to join the list of best new meme coins that offer high ROI to investors. The coin has raised over $7.5 million in presale revenue and is aiming for $8 million before the end of June.

KangaMoon reaches over 7.5 million USD as token price skyrockets 400%

KangaMoon (KANG) has tested the limits of meme coins by building a comprehensive ecosystem with both Play-to-Earn (P2E) and SocialFi features. KangaMoon uses these mechanisms to create a dynamic environment where user engagement is encouraged across various social media platforms, leading to organic growth. Furthermore, participation in P2E games is also encouraged, as KANG serves as the main reward for successful tournaments and battles.

This gives KANG a lot of utility, a unique feature missing from most hyped coins. KangaMoon is currently in a bonus presale round, providing a short-term opportunity for traders to own KANG tokens before the value increases sharply. This urgency also stems from KangaMoon’s successful blockchain ICO, which saw the price increase by a significant 400%, from $0.005 to $0.025.

Additionally, KangaMoon has generated more than $7.5 million, with analysts predicting that it could surpass the $10 million mark by the end of June. KangaMoon has also been listed on CoinMarketCap and Coingecko, making it one of the top meme coins to invest in. Furthermore, KangaMoon is also waiting for a listing on BitMart, which could lead to a further price increase for KangaMoon.

Hence, analysts predict that this best investment cryptocurrency will experience a 100x surge after its major launch and listing, making it the best meme coin to invest. Currently, early KangaMoon investors are benefiting from a 400% ROI, which is expected to increase with another KANG price hike.

Dogwifat (WIF) is aiming for new ATH amid bearish speculation

Dogwifhat (WIF), a dog-themed meme coin, has recorded a significant price increase amid bullish sentiment across the market. Having broken through the decisive symmetrical triangle level, WIF price has held high and is close to the $4 mark. Given the current market trend, it appears that bullish investors may keep the bullish momentum going, helping Dogwifhat price test its current ATH soon. forecast by an analyst.

The recent price push helped Dogwifhat test a key resistance level, which has been breaking out of the range over the past few days. Furthermore, WIF’s RSI showed bearish divergence before hitting the upper level. This means there could be a minor correction before confirming another bullish breakout above the range. To confirm a bullish breakout near Dogwifhat’s current ATH, around $4.65, the price would need to close daily trading above the uptrend line by around $4.

Will Bonk (BONK) hit $0.000048 this month?

Bonk (BONK) has surged in recent trading sessions. The sudden rebound from the bottom shows the possibility of whale buying and optimistic investor accumulation. This week has also seen strong buying activity, with the meme coin recording a 60% increase, revealing bullish investor dominance—which appears to have triggered a strong rally that could see BONK reach $0.000048 mark to surpass ATH.

In a recent tweet by Crypto Rand, Bonk appeared to be taking a breather, having broken through a quick hurdle of $0.00004, a level that had trapped the short-sellers. The RSI for Bonk has also risen into the overbought zone, suggesting a positive cross on the chart that could lead to a continued uptrend for BONK price. Furthermore, Bonk price has triggered a strong breakout and bounce from the 20-day EMA, making it one of the meme coins to watch in the coming days.

The analyst predicts a breakout in Floki (FLOKI) backed by recent developments

The price of Floki (FLOKI) increased by 11% following the recent announcement of its launch FlokiTradingBot on Telegram. This bot supports multiple blockchain networks, including BNB Chain, Ethereum, and Coinbase’s Base blockchain. This unique cross-chain compatibility appears to have attracted significant attention to Floki, with the beta offering early access to at least 150 users on a first-come, first-served basis.

Floki, one of the giant meme coins, will charge 1% per transaction. Half of these fees will be used to buy back and burn FLOKI tokens, increasing the token value through a deflation mechanism. Furthermore, the listing of Floki on Coinbase, expected to take place on May 30, has boosted investor confidence. With this announcement, analysts pointed to a potential breakout for Floki coin that could see it reach a new ATH soon.

Shiba Inu (SHIB) formed a Golden Cross on the chart

The golden cross, a popular technical indicator, recently appeared on the hourly chart of Shiba Inu (SHIB). This golden cross typically occurs when a short-term moving average crosses above a long-term moving average and is often seen by analysts as a sign of strong bullish momentum. For the Shiba Inu, the golden cross appears when the 50-hour moving average rises above the 200-hour moving average on its one-hour chart, indicating that short-term price has surpassed the long-term trend.

This technical event for the Shiba Inu coin coincided with an impressive 20% price increase, sparking optimism and excitement in the SHIB community. While SHIB’s golden cross and subsequent bull run are promising, the path for Shiba Inu’s price, like any cryptocurrency, depends heavily on broader market sentiment and global economic factors. If Shiba Inu maintains its upward trajectory and breaks its key resistance levels, it could pave the way for higher gains, especially given its reputation among the top meme coins of 2024.


These four meme coins, Dogwifhat, Bonk, Floki and Shiba Inu, have shown increased performance on the chart. With such growth rates, these coins have the potential to surpass previous expectations and reach new highs. However, KangaMoon is also one of the top meme coins to pay attention to. With such an impressive performance, this coin promises to bring high profits to investors.

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