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Thursday, June 6, 2024
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[QC] Trump Uses Bitcoin to Solve US National Debt Problem; Top 5 cryptocurrencies that could attract attention in 2024

What does this mean for the cryptocurrency sector?

Currently, one of the US presidential candidates, Donald Trump, has shown his greatest support for cryptocurrencies since he started his re-election campaign. Besides being the first presidential candidate to accept cryptocurrency donations, he also pledged to support them if re-elected.

This is not the first time Bitcoin has been promoted as a means of solving a country’s financial problems. Earlier this year, investors like Michael Saylor proposed Bitcoin as a hedge against inflation. This move could trigger widespread adoption of the cryptocurrency and a strong price increase.

Top Altcoins to Buy Before the Election

With cryptocurrencies gearing up for a major bull run, here are the five best cryptocurrencies to invest in ahead of the upcoming election:

KangaMoon (KANG)

KangaMoon (KANG) is one of the top altcoins mentioned by analysts since the beginning of this year. One reason for this is that KangaMoon is different from other memecoins. It has adopted the model Play-to-Earn (Play-to-Earn) and Social-Fi, making it a good cryptocurrency to buy during this bull season.

With this model, KangaMoon holders can participate in games on the KangaMoon platform and receive rewards in return. KANG is a token earned as a reward for winning matches and competitions. In addition to KANG, there are other rewards such as NFTs and in some cases, even real money.

KANG tokens can be used to purchase NFTs, in-game assets, and other products on KangaMoon, making it very useful and attractive to investors and major cryptocurrency platforms. Recently, the KANG token was added to the list on popular aggregator sites such as CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.

A leading cryptocurrency exchange, BitMart, plans to list KANG in the coming days. This shows that memecoin adoption is growing and could lead to a sharp price increase in the coming weeks. Currently, KANG is priced at $0.025, a 400% increase from its original price. Analysts predict the price of this memecoin will reach $1 soon.

Pepe (PEPE)

Analysts have labeled memecoin Pepe (PEPE) as one of the best cryptocurrencies on the market today. This memecoin has been on an upward price trend over the past month, posting double-digit gains on the weekly and monthly price charts.

This bullish price trend has attracted massive activity from whales and retailers into the Pepe Coin ecosystem. Latest data from IntoTheBlock shows that the number of daily active addresses holding PEPE has increased 230% to 9,830, surpassing the growth of other memecoins such as Floki and Dogecoin. Analysts have predicted Pepe’s price to rise to $0.00002617 this year.

Fantom (FTM)

Fantom (FTM), the Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) protocol, is gaining momentum in the cryptocurrency market. Develop The latest on this project is that Google Cloud has joined this blockchain platform as one of the key validating nodes. Google Cloud will also help developers build smart DApps on the Fantom platform with the help of its AI and facilities.

Therefore, although the Fantom network offers high transaction speeds and high scalability, there are more advantages to using Google Cloud infrastructure. These incentives could bring more developers and DApps to the Fantom network, which could have a positive impact on the price of this altcoin in the coming weeks. It is predicted that the price may rise to $1.96 soon.

Ethereum (ETH)

Market experts continue to support Ethereum (ETH), the largest altcoin by market capitalization. They believe that the approval of Ethereum ETFs will attract more traffic into the market as it did with Bitcoin.

Currently, data from Cryptoquant shows that the number of addresses holding Ethereum is increasing. The total number of addresses has surpassed 3,700 wallets as they await the upcoming price increase in the coming weeks. Analysts predict the price of Ethereum to rise as high as $8,000.

Chainlink (LINK)

Chainlink (LINK) is one of the altcoins recommended as one of the best cryptocurrencies to watch this year. Cryptocurrency analyst Michael Van de Poppe in a recent tweet said that there is a possibility that Chainlink will increase by 150-300% in the upcoming trading sessions.

According to him, the price of this altcoin has woken up from the support zone and is preparing to start an uptrend that will take it to new highs. So investors should keep an eye on Chainlink in the coming months.


Trump’s recent statements about using Bitcoin to solve the US national debt problem show that he believes in the power of cryptocurrency. With the US election approaching, a crypto advocate like Trump winning would be good news for the crypto industry. This could increase cryptocurrency adoption, which makes Pepe, KangaMoon, Fantom, Ethereum, and Chainlink the best cryptocurrencies to invest in before the election.

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