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Amazon Web Services has announced three quantum computing services that’ll bring the super-futuristic supercomputing technology within reach of everyday folks. During its annual AWS re:Invent conference, it unveiled Amazon Braket, the AWS Center for Quantum Computing and the Amazon Quantum Solutions Lab.

AWS noted in its announcement that it had joked 10 years ago about launching the Quantum Compute Cloud — but now it’s becoming a reality.

The Amazon Braket service will allow developers, researchers and scientists to experiment with quantum computers from providers like  D-Wave, IonQ and Rigetti. “You can build and test your circuits in a simulated environment and then run them on an actual quantum computer,” AWS said. 

The AWS Center for Quantum Computing is a new research center at the California Institute of Technology. The company is hoping researchers and scientists will use the center to make “scientific and technological breakthroughs,” including the possibility of mass-producing quantum computers, which for now are dauntingly expensive and difficult to build and run. 

The Amazon Quantum Solutions Lab, meanwhile, will give AWS customers access to quantum experts from Amazon.

Introduction to Amazon Braket AWS Quantum Computing Service

Quantum computing is bringing new developments in science, machine learning methods, medications for saving lives, and many other sectors. The capabilities of quantum computing for solving computational problems that conventional computers could not address. Amazon Braket is the latest offering by Amazon Web Services in the field of quantum computing for the cloud.

Quantum computing leverages the precedents of quantum mechanics for the development of powerful tools for information processing. The potential applications of quantum computing can bring radical transformations in various sectors such as material science, machine learning, chemical engineering, optimization, drug discovery, and energy storage. However, access to quantum computing hardware for running algorithms and design optimization could be very expensive.

Furthermore, the process of installing the quantum computing hardware infrastructure could be very complicated. Therefore, enterprises face many difficulties in the evaluation of the existing state of quantum computing technology and planning for investment of resources in quantum computing for maximizing their potential. 

AWS Braket emerges as the most prolific solution for all these setbacks for the adoption of quantum computing. Braket offers prolific opportunities for developers, scientists, and researchers for exploration, evaluation, and experimentation with quantum computing. The following discussion would reflect on the essential details of Amazon Braket, it’s working and important questions related to it.

What is Amazon’s Braket?

First of all, let us start with the definition of AWS Braket. Amazon Braket is a fully-managed service by Amazon that serves as an introductory platform to cloud computing. It provides a flexible development environment for exploring and designing quantum algorithms. In addition, AWS Braket also helps in testing quantum algorithms on simulated quantum hardware along with the privilege of selecting various quantum hardware technologies. So, how is this AWS quantum computing service relevant for enterprises now? 

Quantum computing is now in the early stages, thereby implying the requirement of new skills and extremely radical and new approaches for problem-solving. Therefore, building a quantum computing infrastructure would require considerable expertise and many quantum technologies and programming tools. Amazon’s Braket, along with Amazon Quantum Solutions Lab, helps organizations in the evaluation of the state of existing technologies. 

Young technology with potential

AWS is by no means a pioneer with its new offer. Competitors like IBM and Google have also been offering similar services to their users for some time. Quantum computing is still a very young technology field, but could soon become an important component for industry and research. AWS believes that quantum computing could become an exclusive offering for the cloud, as very few companies are willing or able to pay for their own hardware.

One potential use for quantum computing, which can simultaneously evaluate multiple possibilities, will likely be for physics and chemistry simulations that aren’t possible with classical computers. They could also create new drugs and solar panels, help develop artificial intelligence systems and self-driving cars, and even manage investment portfolios.

Besides D-Wave, IonQ and Rigetti, tech giants Microsoft, Google, IBM, Intel and Honeywell are also working on quantum computing. IBM and Rigetti already offer cloud access to their quantum computers, while Google plans the same within a year.

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