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Thursday, May 23, 2024
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Sabrent announces the Rocket 5, its best SSD to date

Computer components always tend to have great improvements with respect to previous models or versions of them, since in the end it is a type of technology that has by no means reached its limit. In this case Sabrent presents us with his new SSDthe model Rocket 5which, as its name indicates, has the speed that we can expect from a rocket, since although it is not the fastest on the market, it is not very far away.

The new storage units that we can currently find have a format that allows us to achieve high speeds, although one problem that we must always take into account when something is very powerful is the heat it generates. That is why in the latest unit launches SSD We have seen how the vast majority have two versions, one without a heatsink, and another model that offers this additional component, designed specifically to keep the temperatures of said unit stable.

Image of Sabrent's Rocket 5 4TB

Rocket 5, Sabrent’s new storage unit

There was a time when Sabrent was crowned for having launched the fastest storage device on the market, and the previous version that they released from the Rocket SSD, was for a time the fastest we could find. That is, during a time when the speeds of solid state drives were not capable of reaching the 7000MB/sBeing the Rocket 4 the first component capable of reaching this milestone, thus becoming a pioneer in its field.

This time, Sabrent is not the first brand to reach the high speeds that the Rocket 5, but even so it is a model that is extremely powerful compared to what we could previously find from this company. And in just one version, going from 4 to the 5have been able to practically double the speed that this SSD is capable of offering, thus preparing for a new era in which the standard will be 14 GB/s of sequential reading.

Image of Sabrent's 1TB Rocket 5

What does this SSD offer?

As we have indicated previously, in terms of technical specifications it is not the first to reach high speeds capable of doubling its previous model, but it is a really powerful component. And this new SSD is capable of achieving 14GB/s sequential reading, while in sequential writing it reaches up to 12 GB/s, but it is not the only thing it offers, since in terms of random reading and writing, it reaches 1.55 and 1.8 millions of IOPS respectively.

This model can be purchased with or without a heatsink. If you want it with the thermal solution, we must know that it is an active heatsink, that is, it includes a 20 mm fan and two heatpipes to eliminate the maximum possible temperature. Like other models, the Rocket 5 can be obtained in the variants of 1TB, 2TB and 4TBthe prices of this unit being 190, 340 and 780 dollars respectively, which translated into euros would be €175, €314 and €718, although it should be noted that these prices are always calculated without taxes applied.


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