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Thursday, May 23, 2024
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Samsung gets out of hand and puts its TOP SSDs on flash sale

When we look to expand the storage of our computer, it is normal that we opt for units that offer us great speed, since the faster they are, the faster the programs will open and the less loading times we will have. Although it is currently difficult to find units that are very cheap, that is why we must take advantage when there are offers like the one offered to us Samsung in storage, so if we need a SSD cheaper than its original price we will have to hurry.

This flash offer is available while stocks last, so if you want to buy one of the units that Samsung offers at a discount you must hurry, since the units are limited. The solid state drives that we can find are some of the best that the South Korean brand offers us, and in terms of internal storage, we can choose between 1TB or of 4TBwhile in external storage there is a discounted unit, but it is only the 4TB.

Samsung external SSD

Why choose Samsung for storage components

The brand from South Korea is one of the most famous in the world, its articles do not remain only in one field, since they offer a wide variety of products in general, but in this case we are going to talk about why we recommend buying devices storage of this company. When choosing components for our computer, we always look for the best, since we obviously want them to last as long as possible, and the reliability that we can find in these products is extremely high.

If, in addition to this, we add the performance that we can find in the devices that this brand offers us, it makes them become a perfect product for those people who are looking to make the most of their money. And in the end, the fact of being able to get a device that offers great performance at a considerable discount makes us all want to end up buying it.

Samsung 990 PRO SSD

Expand your storage thanks to these discounts

As we have indicated before, finding a NVMe SSD Offering great speeds is simple, but not cheap, which is why Samsung brings us this time its discounts on storage for three of its best devices that we can currently find on the market. These models are the Samsung 980 PROA disc NVMe of 1TB; he SAMSUNG T7 Shield SSD, an external drive 4TB; and the Samsung 990 PRO of 4TB.

NVMe SSD Samsung 980 PRO

Currently it is not the fastest disk that exists, but it is one of the best options that we can find if we are looking to expand the storage of our computer in the cheapest way possible, since we can get this unit with a 24% discount, for a price of €95. It may seem like a lot even with a discount, but considering that this is a memory that offers 7,000MB/s sequential reading, and 5,000MB/s Sequential writing capability, coupled with extremely high reliability, makes for a worthwhile investment.

Samsung T7 Shield External SSD

In case you need a SSD externalit is normal that we turn to solutions that are not too expensive, but in this case, this SSD, although it may be a little more expensive, is extremely effective, since it not only offers great performance and usage time, but also offers a great protection against shocks, as well as dust and water, the certification against these being a IP65.

Offers reading speeds that reach 1050MB/swhile writing can reach up to 1000MB/sbeing a unit of 4TB storage. We can get this external drive with a 16% discount for a price of €305that is to say, €60 less than its original price.

NVMe SSD Samsung 990 PRO

If we are looking for the best that Samsung can currently offer us, then we must talk about this SSD which we can get with an 11% discount, since it is the most powerful model that the brand currently has, as well as the version with the greatest storage. This unit allows us to move our files very quickly, as it offers sequential reading, as well as 6,900 MB/s of sequential writing, being more powerful than the 980 PRO.

We can get this unit 4TB by €40 less, being the price after the discount of €338.




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