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Tuesday, June 11, 2024
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Santiment publishes the most mentioned altcoins on social networks

Cryptocurrency analysis firm Santiment has shared the most popular altcoins on social media.

Santiment, one of the most popular cryptocurrency analytics companies, has examined the altcoins with the most social interest in a new report.

Santiment analysts claim that bulls and bears are fighting over BTC at $70,000 and Bitcoin’s market capitalization almost 50% lower compared to Apple.

Data shows that topics about Bitcoin are almost half positive and half negative. On the other hand, for Cardano More than half of the discussions on social networks are positive.

The most mentioned altcoins on social media platforms, both positively and negatively, are listed as follows:

  1. BTC
  2. ADA
  3. LRC
  4. XRP
  5. SOL
  6. MNTC
  7. GAME
  8. BNB
  9. ALGO
  10. AVAX

Santiment calls attention to these 4 altcoins

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