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Shiba Inu price prediction [SHIB] mid-June 2024

As of early June 2024, the price of the Shiba Inu is around 0.0000232 USD. This represents a modest increase of 0.68% over the past 24 hours. Despite this, the token has also encountered declines in other key timeframes. For example, the meme coin is down 7% over the past week and down 0.82% over the past month. This certainly reveals a mixed perception in the SHIB market.

What’s in SHIB this June?

From the above data, it can be agreed that Shiba Inu had a difficult start in June. However, the rest of the month can be optimistic. Analysts predict SHIB could spike in mid-June. According to Changelly, the meme coin is likely to increase by 30% from current levels to 0.00003232 USD.

A variety of factors will come into play if SHIB has to climb the rankings. This includes market trends, technological developments, investor sentiment, market liquidity, trading volumes and regulatory environment.

Additionally, because Shiba Inu is a community-driven network, overall community support is also important for this property to grow. Whether the coin will reach or exceed its target of $0.00003232 remains to be seen; The possibility of recovery is certainly there.

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