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Should you opt for a new electric Vespa for 59 euros per month? We decipher this offer for you

Vespa is strengthening its electric scooter offering with the new Sprint S and Primavera Elettrica. The latter is already subject to long-term leases at attractive rents.

Until now, riding an electric Vespa required reaching into your wallet. Exactly 6,999 euros were needed to provide the only electric scooter from the Italian manufacturer. until now. Because, as already announced at the 2023 Milan Motor Show presentation, two new models in the range are being electrified. And it even has a removable battery! This is your chance to drastically lower the price of admission to the retro world where Vespa is so beloved. Much better.

But the new Primavera Elettrica and Sprint S Elettrica aren’t cheap. In version 45 (50cc equivalent) they cost 5199 euros and 5299 euros respectly. The good news is that to make these new vehicles even more attractive, Vespa is currently offering an offer where you can drive an electric Primavera for less than 60 euros per month.

How much does the proposal cost?

In fact, currently until March 30, 2024, Vespa offers a rental service with an option to purchase (LOA) for 59 euros per month. So what do you get for this price? This is an offer that will run for 36 months and cover 15,000 km. The first rent of 1475 euros is reduced to 900 euros after deducting the environmental bonus.

If we calculate by adding the first rent of 900 euros to the 35 rents of 58.05 euros (2031.75 euros) we arrive at 2931.75 euros. The final purchase option at the end of the contract is €2,378.54, or a total of €5,310.29. However, if you go to the Vespa website, the final price is listed as 5885.30 euros, so be careful. The price takes into account the first rent of 1475 euros. And thanks to the bonus it’s not 900 euros. This explanation is too lacking…

Ultimately, what is the total cost of credit? 5310.29 – 5199 = 111.29 euros.

Even if the credit price doesn’t really seem high enough to allow you to ride a Vespa Primavera Elettrica for three years, your final purchase option is still high. And even if you choose the option to return the scooter at the end of your financing, you’ll still end up spending €2,931.75, or just over half (56%) of the scooter. For two-wheelers that do not belong to you. And be careful about repair costs, especially for these scooters that will have an essentially urban job.

wake up call

The Vespa Primavera Elettrica offered here as a financing offer is the 45 km/h version. It is a 50cc equivalent engine with an engine producing 3.1kW peak and 200Nm of torque. The battery capacity is 2.3kWh, 48V, 48Ah. This vintage-looking electric scooter offers a range of 68 km. Charging, which can be done at home using a 500W charger (requires removable battery), takes 4 hours from 0% to 80%. However, please note that this battery weighs 15 kg. It’s about the equivalent of a pack and a half of water.


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