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Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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Smart investment: why your iPad is a purchase that lasts

According to Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP), today, only 10% of iPad users keep their device for just a year. This is less than last year (13%), and than in 2022 (15%). It therefore seems that Apple tablets are proving more and more durable, especially since the number of customers who do not change their device before three years of use is on the rise (+12% in two years). This could in particular be explained by high-end technical data sheets, and by a design increasingly in favor of third-party repairs. At least on paper, since many still continue to criticize the limiting assembly of headed products.

We know in particular that the repair kit that Apple offers requires you to pay tidy sums, not to mention that the associated manual is several hundred pages long. What’s more, the maneuvers required to replace a panel or a battery are so meticulous that not all audiences are really suitable for it. The best alternative? Perhaps AppleCare+ insurance, which for just a few euros per month protects your tablet against scratches or theft and loss. Moreover, new prices have just been revealed by Cupertino, following the release of its new iPad Pro and iPad Air.

A profitable strategy?

For Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, the conclusions of this report go even further since the firm does not hesitate to suggest that consumers waited a long time before the release of the new iPad Pros. However, it is true that 2023 was a unique year for the manufacturer, because the only one in which no new tablet saw the light of day within its collections. According to analysts, this delay could be linked to the consequences of inflation. But it seems that Apple has also benefited from it, which is also confirmed by its quarterly financial results.

According to other information this time signed Greg JoswiakApple’s marketing director, the majority of Mac customers also own an iPad. Although this data is difficult to verify and without being supported by more precise figures, it is a major asset for the marketing strategy.upselling from the Californian group. To achieve such results, the functionalities of Continuity undoubtedly prove to be a valuable asset for customers. Thanks to this suite of options, you can, for example, start playing a film on your tablet and continue it on Mac without losing a single second of audio or sound when changing screens. It is Handoff which allows it.

Samsung, fierce competition

Despite all these efforts, and although iPads remain the majority in their segment, many other brands now offer increasingly durable devices. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra is one of these, with a large screen of more than fourteen inches on the front, compared to “only” thirteen with an OLED iPad Pro (this is the latest generation from Apple). The Korean model is also IP68 certified, which is absolutely not the case for tablets running iPadOS. Patents do indeed prove that the manufacturer is working on an alternative, but it has not yet seen the light of day. However, Tim Cook’s company already masters the technology necessary for the waterproofing of this type of device very well, given that its high-end iPhones have been entitled to it for several years now.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra is also equipped with a micro SD card reader, which the new iPad Pros do not have. Their SIM card reader has also been removed, by the way, in favor of the eSIM format only. But the M4 chip offers a certain power, already recognized by the international press.

  • iPad users are keeping their tablet longer and longer
  • Samsung offers high-quality alternatives, too
  • Apple is trying to make its tablets more and more durable
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Mark Tyson
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