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Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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Summary of the first tests of the new iPad Air M2

The iPad Air M2s are finally released, the opportunity for the first testers to reveal their opinions on the new devices. Among our colleagues at CNETwe explain in particular that the device presents itself as an iPad Pro that “you should buy” ; in other words with a technical sheet quite close to the high-end models but with a more affordable price. Count on 719 euros to buy an eleven-inch iPad Air M2, compared to at least 1,219 euros for the basic version of the iPad Pro of the same size. Or almost, since the size/screen ratio is actually better with this iPad Pro, reaching 84.2% compared to 80.9% with the small iPad Air model.

For Ars Technicathe iPad Air is also one of the best tablets of its generation thanks in particular to beautiful LCD screens and support for the Apple Pencil Pro. As a reminder, this is the new stylus that the eponymous manufacturer has just unveiled, and which also turns out to be compatible with the eleven and thirteen inch iPad Pro M4s. Furthermore, where this range was until now the only possibility of accessing a large panel from the Apple firm, Engadget underlines the brand’s effort to finally offer us an XL plus alternative.affordable“. The 13-inch iPad Air costs 969 euros for the Wi-Fi only version, compared to 1,139 euros for the edition also compatible with 4G and 1,569 euros at least for a thirteen-inch iPad Pro M4.

Some drawbacks, all the same

Despite everything, the same magazine also highlights thelack of Face ID in the front. This technology is however offered by Apple on fairly common devices, such as the iPhone 15. iPad Pros are entitled to it, however, thanks to the integration of the TrueDepth sensor allowing biometric unlocking by face recognition.

Engadget also regrets that only the “old Magic Keyboard” is compatible with the new eleven and thirteen inch iPad Air. A new model was in fact released very recently, presented at the same time as the tablets during the keynote Let loose, which was organized last week. The official accessory now comes with a new row of function keys, as well as a better touchpad. You still have to pay the tidy sum of 399 euros to afford the product, which will be available in stores tomorrow. First deliveries could occur a little earlier.

Among the other disadvantages noted by the specialized press, let us also note the opinion of The Vergewho believes that the iPad Air is simply “very expensive“. The media therefore suggests turning instead to a “classic” iPad, for basic uses such as reading emails or browsing the web.

Our opinion

Most of these testimonies are, in the end, quite representative of our own opinion. Note also that some assure that the new positioning of the Front camera (lengthwise) is ideal, now installed so that we do not have to turn the tablet over when it is used with a keyboard and we receive a video call.

The 2024 iPad Air is arguably the best Apple has ever released, but that goes without saying. The performance is there and, even more so when we know that they no longer have the right to their ultra wide angle, the iPad Pro has nothing to envy for 99% of the general public. We would have simply appreciated it being the “classic” iPad which had a larger size, with a better price, but who knows: maybe that’s for later…

  • The iPad Air M2’s screen is larger, but cheaper than a 13-inch iPad Pro
  • The performances are there
  • The new camera installed lengthwise is more convenient
Mark Tyson
Mark Tyson
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