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Friday, June 7, 2024
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Telegram game Hamster Kombat reached 100 million players and this was the time the token was launched

Hamster Kombat, the latest Telegram-based game to follow in the footsteps of crypto game Notcoin, is experiencing a surge of interest ahead of its upcoming token launch on The Open Network (TON). Now, the team has revealed an important milestone for players and has revealed the target of the upcoming token launch.

On Wednesday, team Hamster Kombat Notification has attracted 100 million players to the Telegram mini app to date, a jump from the announced figure of 60 million players last Friday.

Source: Hamster Kombat

That’s huge for any game, let alone one that’s set to have tokens in the near future. Certainly, there is virtually no barrier to entry and the game itself is built around simple click mechanics.

It’s not difficult to get people to join and start playing Hamster Kombat, but whether they will stay or not is another story. Currently, data screenshots shared by Hamster Kombat indicate around 40-45 million daily active users (DAUs), although the majority of those are likely first-time players due to the volume of users. new usage increased.

Hamster Kombat is also receiving significant attention on social media, lending some credibility to the published player base statistics.

The game currently has the largest Telegram channel on the messaging app with over 28 million subscribers, which is more than three times more than Notcoin’s official announcement channel, for example. It has also attracted nearly 17 million subscribers YouTube and has nearly 6 million followers X.


Source: Telegram Channels

Why are people constantly touching the screen and operating a fictional exchange led by Hamster? Most players are likely to participate in the token airdrop, based on how well Notcoin (spiritual inspiration) has been reaching players recently. And the project has a plan for when to drop tokens.

In a Twitter Spaces held with the TON Foundation earlier this week, a Hamster Kombat team member named “Hamster Girl” said that the current token listing target is July — although that could change based on on many different factors. A representative from the TON Foundation separately confirmed on Thursday that the game’s development team is aiming for July.

“Maybe a little earlier, maybe a little later, because obviously there are different operational components involved including compliance and negotiations,” Hamster Girl said on Twitter Spaces.

For example, Notcoin’s token listing was delayed by about a month. It was originally scheduled to take place alongside the Bitcoin halving on April 20, but just days before the planned drop, developer Open Builders delayed the launch of NOT. They then missed their target at the end of April before launching on May 16.

But the launch of NOT proved to be worth the wait for players, especially token holders as the price has increased 350% in the past two weeks and is now one of the top 60 cryptocurrencies in terms of total capitalization market at $2.15 billion.

Hamster Kombat players are no doubt hoping for similar hype when their token goes live. And Toncoin – The Open Network’s native token could also benefit from the Hamster Kombat fever. Currently the 9th most valuable cryptocurrency by market capitalization, TON hit a new all-time high price of $7.78 early Wednesday.


TON price chart 4 hours | Source: CoinGecko

And for those who enjoy tapping gameplay, don’t worry: Unlike Notcoin, Hamster Kombat doesn’t appear to have plans to take a break from this style of play as it nears its token launch.

“Obviously, the game will never stop. It won’t stop after listing. It will continue to work and there will be more mechanics, more cards and more incentives to invite more friends and play together.”

You can see the TON price here.

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