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Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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The 5G Sales Act signed by Biden allows T-Mobile to take control of most of the 2.5 GHz mid-band spectrum.

Since both the Senate and House of Representatives passed the bill, President Joe Biden had to sign it, which he did. As a result, the FCC received temporary permission to transfer to T-Mobile 2.5 GHz licenses. There is some dissatisfaction, however, because the 5G Sales Act only provides the FCC with a temporary reprieve and does not fully return the FCC to its long-term auction authority.

T-Mobile and other companies and organizations involved in the wireless industry are demanding that Congress return long-term auction authority to the FCC. For example, Wireless Infrastructure Association (WIA) President and CEO Patrick Halley issued a statement after Biden signed the 5G Sales Act that not only outlined his thoughts on T-Mobile opportunity to obtain 2.5 GHz licenses, but also went beyond that and became eligible for long-term FCC auctions.

Halley said, “While I understand that legitimate winners of 2.5 GHz licenses will no longer be held hostage, it is critical that Congress restore the FCC’s auction authority through long-term reauthorization. communications and has put us behind the curve compared to China and other global competitors.”

T-MobileThe 5G service is based on the 2.5 GHz mid-band spectrum. The operator is using 600 MHz low-frequency radio waves for its nationwide 5G extended range (XR) service as these signals can travel over long distances. However, low-band 5G signals are typically only slightly faster than 4G LTE, with speeds ranging from 30-75 Mbps. T-Mobile uses its 2.5 GHz spectrum along with fast high-frequency millimeter wave spectrum to T-Mobile5G Ultra Capacity (UC) service. The latter provides data download speeds of up to 300 Mbit/s.


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